Shoot and Scoot Episode 33 – The one with content!

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot to talk about what they have been painting in “Faces, Bases Something and Something”, gush about actually rolling some dice courtesy of a friend with a large barn, and froth about Bagration Soviets and the new “World War III – the complete starter set”.

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00:01:30 – Okay, we had to defer the “You and Whose Army” segment to next show as this episode was getting too big!  Apologies

Faces, Bases, Something, Something

00:01:45 – Eddie has been working on terrain! At 1:1 scale.  Plus some Italian motorcyclists in the Desert ahead of our big game! 
00:04:15 – Duncan also prepped for the big game by painting his Dianas and Russian guns for his 90th Light.
00:05:45 – We talk about the big game at friend of the show Mike Everest’s barn!  We also talk Fog of War cards and start thinking about next big battles; Team Yankee!  Market Garden!  Its all up for grabs.

large boards = effective social distancing

(00:12:00 – Surprise Hair Dryer drop-pod attack!)
00:26:00 – Brief comms issue with Eddie and then we start talking about Duncan’s painting.  DAK and Beutepanzers feature heavily, as do TY Dutch.

Bagration Soviet

00:35:00 – We talk a look at Bagration Soviet, starting with looking at page count and its background.
00:40:00 – We froth about the IS tank, both the IS-2, IS-85 and the Assault gun ISU-122 and 155s.

quiet whimpering from Duncan and not all because a hairdryer just wiped out his Forgeworld Dark Angels…

00:58:00 – Having scared Duncan enough with the IS series, we take a look at *medium* and light SP battery.
01:07:00 – We try and convey the sheer scariness of the Engineer Sappers.
01;17:00 – We cover the Hero Shock Company, a regig of the MW formation.
01:20:00 – We discuss Hero T-34/85’s, /76’s and the Forward Detachment card.
01:26:00 – We talk about hero Rifle Companies and how the BA-64 slot can be used to put “Decoy Panzers” in the formation using a command card.
01:28:30 – We touch upon the non-hero formations.  21 T-34/85 could be scary and lee will give it a go, one day.
01:30:00 – We talk about Duncan’s favourite, the Recce Company.
01:35:00 – We talk support options, old ones like the flame thrower tanks and new ones like the 100mm AT gun and IL-2M.
01:50:00 – We round up our thoughts on the book, plus look at the scenarios and Polish command cards.

The World War III Complete Starter Set

02:04:00- Lee has three of the new Team Yankee starter sets and a desire to talk about Explosive Reactive Armour.

Shoot and Scoot! (Plus hidden track)

02:16:00 – We are waiting for some new dice so Lee is resorting to the generic Dice of War dice!

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