Shoot and Scoot – Episode 3 – Mike Haught Interview

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Welcome to episode 3 of the Shoot and Scoot Podcast. In this episode Ben and (a very sleepy) Fez are joined by Mike Haught from Battlefront to talk about the new Eastern Front Mid War book, Iron Cross and Enemy at the gates.

Find out how the ghost of Hen and Chicks is still worked out in the stats, what formations will be in the Command Cards, how the city fight rules come into being and much much more.

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00:01:41 – Iron Cross

00:02:00 – What’s in a name? Cross of Iron vs Iron Cross and which was the better movie; Cross of Iron or Enemy at the Gates.

00:03:30 – Snipers are back!

00:06:00 – Mike discusses how the two books are very much 1942 rather than Stalingrad and the Kursk books will be 1943. Very TO friendly.

00:08:00 – Mike briefly discusses the change to rocket teams

00:09:00 – Mike provides an overview of lists

00:11:00 – Mike discusses command cards and some of the new build cards we can expect for the two books, plus an early reveal of a Kursk one too!

00:16:00 – Mike discusses PanzerGrenadiers

00:18:45 – The minor allies are briefly discussed in terms of their role and integrations.

00:21:00 – A discussion on infantry guns and their impact in city fighting.

00:24:00 – Assault Pioneers and why they hit on 2+s in assault!

00:28:00 – Tigers in Leningrad are discussed

00:29:50 – StuG and why they have so many Panzer Aces

00:34:00 – Anti-tank gun and Artillery discussion

00:42:20 – A discussion on the Stuka G

00:46:00 – Enemy at the Gates

00:47:00 – Hen and Chicks, gone but not forgotten

00:51:00 – KV-1 discussion plus how to beat them and how tank design informs game design

01:01:40 – Discussion on what the (early) means for T-34 and when we can expect the T-34/57

01:06:00 – Valentines, the not so light, light tank.  Ben also reveals why you should never throw the spare parts away…

01:08:00 – T-60, the definitely light, light tank.

01:09:45 – Lend lease American tanks

01:16:45 – Mike discusses Strelkovy and the challenges in game design it poses, plus the design and doctrine peculiarities of the DP machine gun.

01:24:00 – Explanation of the changes to Kommisars.  Plus “blocking detachment” machine gun command card to restore motivation!

01:26:41 – Explanation of the changes to weapon teams including PTRD to a large base team.  Plus the historical impact of the PTRD on the German crews.

01:29:45 – Mike discusses the Penal Company troops.  Somehow there is no immature sniggering at “penal”.

01:32:00 – Hero Strelkovy and Storm Group discussion and the benefits to those who can’t face painting thirty plus stands…

01:38:00 – Sturmovich – why to fear the flying tank!

01:42:00 – City Fighting discussion and the new modular buildings.

Mike details some of the considerations as to how players should approach city fighting games and the challenges it presents.


Thanks for listening!

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  1. If I heard it right you have put AT Rifles on a big base for Russians so to ‘force’ the player to concentrate them. Besides the fact the German can get them all at once half the time there was nothing to stop the Russian player from massing them if he wanted to i.e. put them next to each other. So now existing players have to rebase, For no good reason.

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