Shoot and Scoot Episode 27 – The one where we are on high alert!

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot! We talk about our top five artillery pieces. what we have been painting, the new mid war book “Red Devils”, and answer your questions.

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00:00:00 – We talk about the addiction that is the daily deals and how Schutzen is the devil.

Pictured: The devil and seven friends

Top 5 Artillery Pieces

8.76 cm Feldkanone 280(e).  Best German Fieldgun of the war…

00:08:30 – We define the rules (which get promptly ignored)
00:12:00 – No.5! Duncan and Eddie gets the favourites in early, Lee goes self-propelled. Everyone gets a unique choice.
00:14:50 – No.4! Duncan picks a cocktail, Lee picks an obscure German field piece, Eddie goes long. Another unique round,
00:19:50 – No.3! Duncan goes with a Soviet export success, Lee is game and Eddie keeps it large.
00:26:40 – No.2! Duncan selects an icon, Lee goes to church and Eddie chooses the best field gun of the war.
00:30:51 – No.1! Duncan also goes with the best field gun of the war, Lee’s masterplan finally emerges, Eddie gets on his carriage.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

00:40:30 – We talk about the new “Red Devil” book, covering British Mid War Commandos and Paratroops.

An Officer Answers

01:13:00 – Luke Daley wastes no opportunity for self promotion and asks “What do you guys think of the unofficial rules I’ve done? Countries I’ve covered are here
01:14:35 – Matt Conacher spares no brevity and asks “Having amassed a Flames of War plastic pile of shame in the last few years, I’m trying to find some inspiration to make me finally start building an army (or three).
How about this: what is the most variety you can get in a normal size force (100pts?). By variety I mean the largest number of unique teams (teams with different names/stats). Bonus marks for finding a vaguely reasonable historical basis for it!
I have Brits, US and Germans for mid and late war, but feel free to expand to other nationalities and time periods as the mood takes you!”
01:18:45 – Scott Atchison gets on “the list” as he innocently asks “I find most German players have no answer for my Breaching Group list. ( I run 8 M10s with one troop of Shermans and a bofors besides the AVREs and Crocs). How do your local Germans fair against the Breaching Group formation?”
01:24:45 – Cameron John Acton Bartlett asks the party political officer “What support would you take for a Soviet mid-war rifle battalion?”
01:33:00 – Tony Hellard asks a painting question “When priming models especially figures what is your opinion of zenithal highlighting?”
01:35:10 – Sam Wheeler takes a long full of alpine air and asks “How do I build an Italian mid-war Eastern-front alpini list in V4?”
01:38:00 – Timothy Anderson asks the important questions with “Would a firebombing campaign by the Japanese against Indian tea plantations have forced a British surrender in 1941?”
01:38:00 – Timothy Anderson asks the important questions with “Would a firebombing campaign by the Japanese against Indian tea plantations have forced a British surrender in 1941?”

Faces, Bases, Something, Something

Just a bit of Duncan’s isolation hobby progress!  Article soon.

01:39:30 – Fez has been full on production and Duncan talks about his massive effort on his LW US army, colour theory and non-SS camo smocks. 
01:45:30 – Lee talks about painting Harriers and Desert Storm British kit.
01:58:00 – We talk painting mishaps and trying to perfectly paint imperfect paint jobs.

Shoot and Scoot

02:06:30 – We shoot and scoot! Plus hidden track!

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