Shoot and Scoot Episode 26 – The one without time

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot! We talk about our top 5 tankettes. what we have been painting, the snippets from the latest Battlefront Twitches in new feature “loose lips, sink ships”, and answer your questions.

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Top 5 Tankettes

00:02:20 – We lay down the ground rules for the discussion.
00:04:45 – No.5!  Duncan pushes the definitions, Lee starts at the beginning and Eddie gets his Italian choice in early.
00:07:50 – No.4!  Duncan shouts random letters till he gets a tankette, Lee jumps the gun with his and Eddie goes with the minor axis.
00:13:00 – No.3!  Duncan flounders around onto another entry, Lee goes modern and Eddie has a repeat.
00:17:00 – No.2! Duncan goes multi-task, Lee has a repeat and Eddie goes even east-er.
00:19:24 – No.1! Duncan goes with a stunning commercial success, Lee massacres Japanese pronunciations and Eddie pulls one out from the depths of Bovington…
00:22:00 – We crown our unlikely and reluctant winner, as well as working out what the next top 5 will be.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

00:23:00 – We discuss our highlights of the recent Twitch streams Battlefront have done.  Lee froths about the upcoming TY US books and the Soviet T-80, Eddie reveals the golden rule of painting for a profit and Duncan speculates on plastic BRDM and Centurions…

Faces, Bases, Something, Something

00:45:30 – Lee kicks off with his progress on his Gulf War British stuff.
00:50:00 – Duncan has been working away on his D-Day Americans with M12, M18 (standing in for M10) and, pushing his comfort zone, Thunderbolts all done.
00:57:45 – Eddie bites the bullet and paints his TY Polish Infantry, whilst assembling a lot of Germans.  He also gives a helpful resupply tip.

An Officer Answers

01:10:00 – Rob asks “Have the team succumbed to the Daily Deals? (or the little voice that says ‘you could always do with 4 more ….’)”.  
01:14:50 – Joe asks “How prevalent do you think super tanks like the M1A1, Challenger and T-80 will be?”
01:20:00 – Steven asks “With v2 TY out for a while now and the new Brit book also setting a trend with super MBT’s; what would your best soviet afghantsy list look like? And what about an Iraqi list?”
01:25:20 – Chris asks “Given the standardisation of some NATO nations to use similar equipment to others, will we see the likes of the Danes, Belgians, Italians and Greeks formations entering the fray?”
01:27:30 – James asks “Hey guys, I’m starting to build some ANZACS for TY, I want to add more stowage anywhere apart from battlefront you’d recommend for getting stuff from?”
01:28:50 – Rafael asks “Thoughts on Valentine tank company for Mid-war flames of war?  Any new releases you guys looking forward to?”
01:33:14 – Scott asked “What’s the best bang for the buck Soviet Team Yankee tank force? 62s, 64s, 72s? or wait for the T-80s?”
01:34:45 – Cameron asked “What would your ideal soviet armour and or infantry list be for late war?”
01:36:20 – Chris asked “When we see 4+ to hit units on the Soviet side? And will BF release any NATO irregular forces that are hit on 3+?”

Shoot and Scoot

01:45:00 – Today’s dice … (plus hidden track)

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