Shoot and Scoot Episode 24 – The responsible social distancing episode

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot! We talk about our top 5 WW2 tanks, our painting competition and the last few games we got in before the lock-down came down.

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Top 5 WW2 Tanks

00:02:10 -We start the discussion by arguing about what is a tank.

00:04:15 – An aside: Toilet Roll news and hobby stockpiling
00:05:30 – No.5: 
00:09:02 – No.4: Fez bucks the rules, Lee doesn’t understand the meaning of “nadir”
00:15:50 – No.3: Duncan ponders if Italian tanks actually are tanks.
00:22:00 – No.2: A surprise French addition.
00:28:20 – No.1: Spoilers, Fez doesn’t fail to be predictable…

BTA20 – Painting Competition

00:37:30 –  we talk about our lock-down painting competition, what we are currently painting in our lock down state, Halford primers and contrast paints.
00:52:00 – we talk about what is next on the painting table

What have we been up to

00:56:00 – We talk about our 50pt Team yankee games; first Lee’s Recce Squadron game vs Fez’s Poles.
01:04:00 – We talk about Duncan’s turn as his Czechs took on the Brits
01:10:00 – We talk about virus based store closures as Dice Saloon closes its doors early ahead of moving to a new venue (once the pestilence lifts) 

Team Yankee News

01:12:00 – We talk about the US TY spoilers (courtesy of Jerome Wong’s lucky M113 purchase) including a new mystery tank for the 9th “Hi-tech” Mechanised Division

An Officer Answers

01:21:00 – We answer our listener’s questions (including our new favourite, Mike Everest’s “vs”question at 01:47:00)

Shoot and Scoot

Well, Lee was partly right “fallsc” was in the title: 
Herman Goering Fallschirm Panzer Divison

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