Shoot and Scoot Episode 23 – The D-Day Brits episode

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot! We talk about Eddie’s showing at the recent Corrivalry tournament, froth about D-Day Brits and discuss Lee’s CVR(T) hi-jinks.

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What have we been up to:

00:01:50 – Eddie talks about how his trained US Armour got on at Corrivalry (there’s a few very short audio drop outs on Fez’s line in this segment)

00:22:44 – Lee talks about his adventures with his Team Yankee Brits

00:28:00 – We talk about the D-Day games we played pitching Lee’s British Airlanding vs Duncan’s 21st Panzers.  Turns out Airborne infantry are still as hard as ever, trained or not

D-Day British discussion

00:43:30 – What’s in the name?  We discuss the new naming convention battlefront have adopted for its army books, the cover and the preamble.

00:45:00 – Special rules; we discuss the new AVRE rules and commando rules, then look at the skill, hit on and motivational differences between the different troops.

00:49:45 – We discuss the force diagram and how the formations are split between 

00:54:45 – We take a look at a subject close to Lee’s heart – Para and Airlanding formations

01:01:30 – We discuss the Commandos

01:07:00 – We take a look at the Rifle Infantry with more carriers than you could possibly ever need.  We also discuss the company card cards that apply to the rifles.

01:24:00 – We start looking at the tanks beginning with the Independent Tank brigades off the DD tank Squadrons and Fez ponders using the formation for Italy.

01:29:00 – Who doesn’t love Churchills? We talk about the new LW version of the old favourites.

01:36:20 – We discuss the super-fast, super sneaky, Cromwell Recce Squadron

01:39:00 – We also discuss the other Cromwell list, the Desert Rat Armoured Squadron and the usefulness of Crusader AA

01:46:00 – We talk about the Motor Rifle Company and Duncan and Eddie try to convince Lee there is a case for them over Rifles.

01:52:10 – We talk about the reluctant Desert Rat Rifle Company

01:55:00 – We go over the Support Units, we talk the new plastic Daimler kit, M10C, the fearsome Crocodile, AVRE assault bridge, expensive artillery and the Typhoon.  We also look at the command cards like 0.50 Universal Carriers and Naval Gun Fire.

02:19:00 – We conclude our feelings and speculate where the British will go in the scheduled late, late, war book in a couple years.

An Officer Answers

02:28:00 – We answer your questions in “an officer answers”.


02:42:25 – Eddie lists out the upcoming events

02:44:28 – We round out Shoot and Scoot!  Plus hidden track!

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