Shoot and Scoot Episode 22 – The British episode

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot!   We froth about our big game of Fate of a Nation, the new WWIII:TY British book and releases and the upcoming British WW2 starter set.  We also look at the upcoming events for early 2020.

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00:00 – Introductions, hot glue injuries and Brighton and Hove Albion news

What we have been up to:

03:00 – Duncan talks Dutch and Israelis and a brief discussion on the viability of infantry in Team Yankee
10:00 – Eddie talks about smuggling hobby through airports, Canadians, 105mm Shermans
20:30 – Lee talks about painting massed green and black – CVR(T), Chieftains and lots of blutac.
23:45 – Weather induced gaming – we discuss our Fate of a Nation mega game.
39:00 – We talk about the new WW1 film “1917”
44:00 – We talk about our 50pt Team Yankee games including the varying fortunes of the Leopard 2, Duncan’s motivational speaker of a CO and our next tranche of equipment for 75pts.

British WWIII: Team Yankee:

56:30 – Lee briefs on Challenger. We ponder the trade offs of 6 Chieftains vs 3 Challengers and Eddie is suddenly happy he invested in ADATS.
1:08:00 – Lee briefs on Warrior and explains Sneak and Peak (whilst also getting break-off wrong)
1:15:00 – We discuss doing a Gulf War force.
1:18:00 – We ponder the merits of the Fox.
1:22:30 – MLRS! Eddie looks forward to seeing it in his US whilst we discuss how it fits in with the rest of British artillery. (Lee had to disappear whilst he sorted his ill daughter out, then forgot to turn his mic back on!)
1:30:00 – We discuss Marksman and wonder…why? Asymmetry in NATO lists is okay. Nice BMP shredder though.
1:33:00 – We look at the scenarios. Not only is the third scenario now in the book, but they’ve joined them all together to make a big multi-player game! We’re all keen to try it out. Then we round out our thoughts on WWIII Brits

British WWII:

1:45:00 – We discuss the WWII D-Day brit starter. Fez’s no new model purchases policy is strained!


1:55:00 – We discuss the upcoming events including Corrivalry this weekend!  

Today’s Dice – Free French Division

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  1. Hey guys love your podacst and the additions you add to this site. Just wondering if you could clarify the details or weblink about the tournament event you mention held on 21st March please? I can’t quite make out the full title (I think you say ‘Buningrad’ and my google searches come up didly squat. The battlefield hobbies site doesn’t list it on the events sight either 🙁

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