Shoot and Scoot – Episode 2 – Open Day Round Up

Hello All

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In Episode 2 we join Ben, Duncan, Lee, Fez and our first guest Mark as they chat about Flames of War, Team Yankee and more.

In this episode the guys chat about the recent Battlefront Open Day. Firstly the guys cover the day and the campaign event that both Fez and Mark took part in. Then they move on to talk about the news from the open day, including Mid War Eastern Front, Mid and Late War Paratrooper books, Oil War for Team Yankee and much, much, more.


00:00 – Intro

Open Day Content 

10:00 – Mark and Fez recount their WWII Campaign games, including their face-off.

27:00 – V4 Mid War news – Stalingrad books, plastic ruins

40:00 – V4 Late War news – Paratroops, Armies of late War in 100pts

51:00 – Great War in v4

59:00 – Early War in v4

1:10:00 – Team Yankee – Oil Wars,

1:40:00 – Czech and Poles,

1:45:00 – Bush Wars(?) and short shorts

1:48:00 – “Tanks! Modern Age” discussion

Other Business

1:50:00 – We talk about the upcoming “Fate of Four Gamers” and why we chose our armies.  Michael McSwiney’s blog with his excel sheets on what unit was serving in which AIW can be found here.


2:09:00 – “Flat Panzer Fact” and “Shoot and Scoot!”  Will we pass this week?  Also, what’s a Hobble?


Thank for listening