Shoot and Scoot Episode 18 – Listener’s questions and pre-GT chatter

It’s time for another episode of Shoot and Scoot as Duncan,  Eddie, and Lee sit down to discuss what we have been up to, answer our listeners’ questions in “an officer answers” and discuss Fez’s army for the upcoming GT in the “Events” section.

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What have we been up to?

00:01:30 – Fez has built more Shermans than Detroit, plus Tigers.
00:10:00 – Duncan has been bringing some old FoW hands back into the fold at his local club and makes the case for Resin over Plastic.
00:19:15 – Lee took his T-34/85 for a spin vs Tony’s Germans in a Fortress Europe game. Plus an aside for tiny future fighter planes.

An Officer Answers

00:26:37 – Vincent asks “Hi, curious to ear your impressions on the new german book and especially the « beach defense » grenadier list. Do you think it could be a good way to bring more tiger to the table with still a decent number of platoon in an infantry list?”
00:38:35 – Ed asks “What are you most looking forward to out of the British book?”
00:50:00 – Ed also asks “Now that we can mix FE and German DDay, what mix and match do you think could have the most fun factor in it?”
00:56:00 – William asks “When TY switches to V2, what rule change do you think will have the biggest impact (arty, 40% reserves, formation support, etc….)? How will your list building change?”
01:02:30 – Vincent asks “Do you think Team Yankee V2 will bring news rules that might be added to FOW in the future?”


1:07:00 – GT at Firestorm in Cardiff. Fez may be going with 100pts of late war Shermans, along with Mark, and we talk about the format, the official tournament objective for this year and have a lengthy discussion about Eddie’s army and game plan. Lee also ponders taking the T-34/85 for a spin.
1:35:15 – Warfare at Reading. It’s time for “Shermans not Germans” as Duncan and Fez talk about their MW Sherman forces. Controversy reigns as Eddie goes for a British Sherman force, much to Duncan’s dismay!

1:54:54 – The Dice of War “Shoot and Scoot” roll! Plus secret track.

This episode’s dice – the 50th Infantry Division – Desert Veterans!