Shoot and Scoot Episode 17 – Germans at the Beach

It’s time for another episode of Shoot and Scoot as Duncan,  Eddie, and Lee sit down to discuss  D-Day: German Forces, plus what we have been up to and (a slightly outdated) upcoming events.  We also have a new co-sponsor; Dice of War.

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00:00:00 – Introduction

What we have been up to

00:02:00 – Fez’s Panzers versus Lee’s T-34 produced an unexpected result and also Fez’s warfare outfit…

A preview….

00:10:50 – Fez talks about his Team Yankee Polish army plans.
00:12:15 – Duncan talks about his late war US Army plans and a Team Yankee Dutch force. We also discuss using Citadel Contrast for “white wash” camo and also some experimentation with tank weathering washes.

Another preview

D-Day German Forces overview

00:22:00 – We look at the Special Rules, nothing really new on that front but we discuss the Panzerfaust (limited) and Mounted Assault (post latest LFTF) rules.
00:25:00 – We look at the Background and “Know Your…” sections.
00:27:00 – Force Chart discussion – Pumas! PaK-43! 2cm AA guns!


00:30:45 – Beach defender formations. We discuss 352nd combat performance and the use of the Beach Defenders for representing 2nd line units in other parts of the war.
00:43:50 – Fallschirmager – pricey but good.
00:50:20 – FJ StuG Battery – What’s better than a StuG? A fearless StuG! The StuH also gets a boost.
00:56:00 – FJ command cards – Cards to make them better, cards to make them cheaper.
1:00:00 – Tigers! Now with integrated AA.
1:03:00 – Panthers and Panzer IV formations – more versatile as a formation than its FE equivalent. We also discuss the command cards for the panzer divisions.
1:12:00 – PanzerGrenadiers – Armoured and non-armoured formations and all the Panzershreks. We also talk about the 2nd Pz and Pioneer command cards.
1:18:00 – Recce Company – Short halftracks and more Pumas! Plus the Puma and Halftrack Scout Company cards

1:28:00 – Support options including Flat Panzers (Jagdpanzer IV), Flat Pak guns (PaK-43) and their 48” range, plus associated command cards including cheap PaK-43, barraging PaK-43 and captured Russian guns.
1:38:00 – A look at the rest of the command cards. Looted Panzers, Old Minefields and the warriors.
1:44;30 – We discuss the new missions, including armoured fury, and linked campaigns.
1:47:30 – Duncan quietly rages about 21st Panzer Division and the absence thereof.
Thankfully it is coming via online content in some form. We also discuss the other missing items such as the LG40 recoiless infantry gun and the Jagdpanther.
2:00:00 –  We summarise our thoughts on the book.


2:05:00 – Warfare. Eddie and Duncan announce this year’s challenge, “Sherman’s not Germans”.

20:10:00 – Shoot and Scoot away from the beach as we use the Beach Defender’s skill to end the show. Plus hidden track.