Shoot and Scoot Episode 16 – D-day +… Lots (pt 2)

Its time for another episode of Shoot and Scoot as Duncan, a more-refreshed Eddie, and Lee sit down to discuss the Open Day and its reveals before looking at the scenarios and extras for D-Day: American Forces, plus what we all plan to do from the book.

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0:00:00 – Introductions, Classical music talk and dog troubles

Open Day
00:04:00 – SWAG, participation games, painting competition and how to use a .50 HMG to paint…
00:21:00 – Open Day FoW reveals – Soft plastic on the way out, the new German D-Day and SS books,
00:33:45 – Hobby support – Hobby league Set, Bloody Omaha and cardboard campaign terrain packs
00:34:45 – Mid War still being supported, Airborne books, minor axis powers and Pacific
00:35:40 – TY reveals, Challengers, Warrior, Gulf War uparmoured versions, everything looks better in desert camo, Fox, what is happening with the timeline.
00:38:25 – Checkpoint Charlie frothing – (the Conqueror was retired after 1966 so… may be a stretch that it will be in Checkpoint Charlie)

What have we been up to?
00:43:15 – Duncan played fellow Breakthrough Assaulter Martin in a Beach landing practice
00:44:20 – Fez faced Lee in a pair of Fortress Europe eastern front games. Two 100pt games in three hours is good going!
(00:49:00 – I guess it was recording after all)

D-Day: American Forces – Part 2: Scenarios, Painting Guides and Product Guides
00:53:00 – Fez ponders the economics of the example army.
00:55:30 – Painting Guide – back to Vallejo and the satisfaction of a good base.
00:57:15 – Normandy Terrain set-up and the difference between Normandy and Brittany.
00:58:30 – Normandy Battles – a self-contained campaign of D-Day that utilises the new airborne and sea-landing missions.
1:19:00 – What armies are we going to do. Its fair to say we each may have more than one…

1:35:40 – Events. All the latest events in the UK. Reading looms and Fez and Eddie are starting to plan a new challenge for it.

1:42:00 – Fez provides some shopping tips for those looking for a fez.

The Officer’s Answers
1:43:15 – Vincent Lmdj “What units would you take, and what tactic/strategy would you use to play, with a British Sherman armored squadron”
1:52:00 – Roy Hood “what forces would you add to a [US] Fortress Europe force for D-Day”

1:56:40 – Shoot and Scoot! Today we use the 29th Infantry stats, so will we make it off the beach? Also, hidden track!

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  1. Feels like this episode is in slightly fast forward, was having trouble keeping up at time with what was said

    Other than that great ep

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