Shoot and Scoot Episode 15 – D-day +… Lots (pt 1)

Its time for another episode of Shoot and Scoot as Duncan, a tired Eddie and Lee sit down to discuss D-Day: American Forces.

Its a big book, with a lot to cover so we are covering it over two session.  In this first one we will look at the D-Day background and the forces and the second session will look at the D-day missions, painting guides and upcoming models.  Part 2 is recorded and just awaiting editing so expect it within the week!

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00:00:00 – Introductions and what’s coming up
What we’ve been up to:
00:02:15 – Lee has been painting US riflemen (finally done!) and conducting a beach landing game to try and lure some of the old Brighton hands back into v4 FoW.
00:07:15 – Duncan has been painting Germans…
00:08:00 – and Fez has been basing his 29th Infantry Division figures as well as pondering if you can build motorbike figures whilst on a light aircraft over the Atlantic.

D-Day: American Forces Book
00:11:45 – The chaps ponder what is in the name.
00:13:15 – The artwork in the book and on its cover is up to Battlefront’s normal high quality and we talked about how apocalyptic its cover looks, as well as the logistics involved in pulling off the landing and breakout.
00:18:00 – We discuss the new US Force special rules – AOP, Rangers and how, apparently, its hard to be sneaky with a self-propelled 155 gun…
00:21:45 – We look at the background section of the book including “Know Your Tanks” and, a new twist, “Know Your Infantry”
00:28:30 – We get to the force diagram; there is a lot of formations to cover! We also discussed wildcards and how Crocodiles could fit in for the 29th.
00:35:45 – We talk about the Paratroops and the latest reprint of Lee’s favorite Battlefront graphic, the drop-zone map.

00:40:00 – The Paratroop formation – a self-contained force.
00:50:00 – Glider formations, landing the big guns.
01:00:00 – Hit the Beach! Rangers and 29th Infantry’s Assault Companies (01:08:00) and Rifle Companies (1:12:30).
01:17:00 – Big Red One – Trained Veterans
01:22:00 – The Break out – 3rd Spearhead, the M4 Sherman Company and the 75/76mm balance.
01:31;30 – M5 Stuart Company and, “Great Scott”, the M8 Scott
01:33:45 – Armoured Rifles
01:41:00 – Veteran units and how they differ from the trained types
01:45:45 – Tank Destroyers, M10, M20’s and Jeeps
01:48:45 – Support options, kicking off with cavalry
01:50:45 – The guns – M3 3” Gun platoons, Priests, M12 and the field artillery.
01:55:00 – AOP, a big change but a positive one?
01:58:00 – Anti-aircraft – necessary in a world where ever vehicle has an AA MG?
01:58:45 – P-47 – just take it.
2:00:00 overall verdict – Late War off to a good start?
2:04:00 Events – but now a bit behind the times!
2:05:00 – Shoot and Scoot (plus hidden track)– will Lee pass the roll?