Shoot and Scoot Episode 14 – With apologies to Phil

Its time for another episode of Shoot and Scoot as Duncan, Eddie and Lee sit down to discuss Fortress Europe, Hit the Beach, The Eastern Front and more.

There was an intention to have Phil Yates phone in but we had to scrub the original recording date and sadly haven’t been able to reschedule yet.  Hopefully we will have him on in Episode 15.

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00:00:00 – Introductions, agendas, apologies and painting US Infantry (keep your ears peeled and you will hear Lee cleaning his brush every so often)

We talk about the upcoming Open Day
00:02:25 – .  Progress, or lack thereof, for Operation Beach Party (Breakthrough Assault’s big D-Day landing participation game).
00:09:00 – a discussion on dips leads to a quick aside on the upcoming Citadel Colour “Contrast” range.  Will it have uses for WWII/III models?  Lee and Duncan plan to find out.
00:12:25 – Fez confirms the Open Day details such as date, ticket price and free destroyed churches.

Lee did, at least, finish all the Infantry

What have we been up to?
00:14:45 – The chaps talk about there plans for the upcoming Team Yankee v2 army building challenge.  As ever, army choices are subject to constant fluctuation.
00:17:00 – Lee and Fez talk about their 100pt MW Desert Game and whether Tigers are furry or hairy.
00:23:00 – Fez brings us a TO report from his recent “Sun, Sea and SMG” event in Guilford.

Lee’s Grants take a beating from Fez’s 88

Who War it Better – Eastern Front show-down
00:26:00 – The trio discuss the four Eastern Front MW books and who comes out on top.  Tigers vs Rota and T-34 vs… yellow T-34.

Late War Frothing continues, but now with more facts!
00:38:54 – Reader’s Question.  Seeming as Mark answered the other questions for us in the comments, we pick up the last question “How many Panzershreks can a PanzerGrenadier platoon have?”  Not only do we answer that, but we also discuss who can take them and how they are fielded.
Note – Lee was a bit off and  a maxed out Grenadier Platoon is 17pts, not 14pts.  But it does have quite a bit of extra fire power!
00:44:45 – We also look at “limited” Panzerfausts and the implications of its ability to move and shoot in v4.
00:47:00 – Discussion on our initial plans for Late War.  Fez is looking at brushing off his Lehr and making the PanzerGrenadier options work for him, Lee is making the most of having a ton of US infantry now, and Duncan looks to Italy.
00:50:00 – The guys discuss their initial thoughts on the Fortress Europe book.
01:00:00 – Discussion turns to the start sets and frothing reaches a peak as we look at how much stuff you get for £35 in Hit the Beach.
Note at 01:03:00 Lee got mixed up here between the 761st Tank Destroyer Battalion, a very successful African-American unit, and the provisional rifle platoons (also African American) that were introduced in the “Bridge at Remagen” but are not assigned a specific unit.
01:06:00 – An aside to deal with Sherman Variants

01:23:15 – UK Events update. If you have an event you want us to mention then email

01:25:40 – The guys look forward to the second half of the year’s releases.

01:28:45 – Its time to Shoot and Scoot! What will the rating be this time?  Will Lee keep the dice on the table?

01:30:45 – Hidden Track. Big shout out to any Sleeper agents following us.