Shoot and Scoot Episode 13 – The one with no agenda

Its time for another episode of Shoot and Scoot as Duncan, Eddie and Lee sit down to discuss… well, whatever came to mind really. Eddie’s SU-152 battery took on both Lee and Duncan’s German forces so that generated much to talk about. 

Battlefront’s “Countdown to late war” and Amazon product pages also gave much to talk about on the upcoming Late War re-release, although our review copy of Fortress Europe didn’t arrive in time to talk about!

Finally we answer your questions and  look forward to the upcoming “Sun. Sea and SMG” and Battlefront Open Day events.

With Fortress Europe now in our grubby mitts, don’t be too surprised if Episode 14 comes quicker a month…

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Time Stamps

00:00:00 – Introductions
00:01:24 – Games! Hobby!  Fez’s SU-152 take on all comers:
  00:02:30 – Fez’s SU-152 vs Lee’s Panthers
  00:22:56 – Fez’s SU-152 vs Duncan’s ever shifting array of Germans
00:35:00 – Countdown to Late War and Amazon spill the beans – we discuss the upcoming Hit the Beach and Fury starter sets
00:48:00 – Late War Frothing; what are we looking forward to
1:07:00 – Events!  We talk “Sun, Sea and SMG”
  1:11:00 – Battlefront Open Day and “project beach party”
  1:23:00 – Devises – sadly Fez can’t make it now
1:20:00 – Reader’s Questions returns
1:44:00 – Shoot and Scoot!