Shoot and Scoot – Episode 1

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We are back with another episode of Shoot and Scoot!

In episode 1 we join Ben, Duncan, Lee and Fez as they chat about Flames of War, Team Yankee and more.

In this episode the guys chat up on what they have been up to, some up coming events and some Panzer IV/70 chat. Then they dive into Free Nations and A Fate of the Nations.


Time Index

00:00 Intro and what we have been up to. Fez and Ben recount their exploits at the UK Expo. We also discuss “painting block” and combating this foul malaise. [
28:00 We discuss a new start up from France, Normandy Miniatures, who are releasing a plastic PzIV/70 A, V and JagdPanzer IV kit, plus an M8 and M20 Greyhound kit and discussion on plastics in the wargaming industry.

35:00 Free Nations discussion – Canadians
48:00 Free Nations discussion – French
59:00 Free Nations discussion – Dutch
1:05:00 Free Nations discussion – ANZAC
1:11:00 “Where to next with TY” speculation

1:15:00 Fate of a Nation Rules and Israeli forces discussion
1:30:00 Fate of a Nation Egyptian/Syrian forces discussion
1:39:00 Fate of a Nation Jordanian discussion
1:44:00 Fate of a Nation and ‘Nam – Suez naval battles!

2;13:00  Scoot!


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  1. The Egyptian Centurion is also an excellent option with 100cm range and stationary RoF 2. Also probably still an option if they do TY Swedish.

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