Setting “The Scene” – 15mm Skips and Shipping Containers

Recently I was looking for some specific items for the BAOR and Operation Granby projects, namely, 15mm appropriate ammo tins and missile reloads. I was working off the theory that everything is somewhere for sale on the internet, you just need to type the right query into google. 

Step forward “The Scene” which had not one, but both things I was after!  I’ll deal with them in a future review (need to paint the missile reloads).

Whilst perusing the site to see what other stowage options it might have, I noticed an intriguing section called “the builders yard“.  Clicking this presented lumber piles, skips and shipping containers in 15mm and 20mm sized options. 

Well, what’s a boy to do but order a few to see what they are like?

The shipping containers come individually, in packs of two, or packs of five, with a decent discount for bulk.  I ordered two to test the water.

15mm Shipping container x 2

The Skips likewise can be ordered in multiples, again with a decent discount for ordering in bulk.  I ordered a pair of empty ones and one filled with scrap metal.


Despite a few items being on backorder, the order was quickly filled and I had the items in just over a week, the resin skips and sea containers arriving nicely wrapped in a protective layer of bubble wrap.

Out of the wrapping, and it was evident that they were all single-piece items requiring no assembly.  The cast was crisp, with no obvious bubbles, seams or miscasts.  The actual models themselves were clearly sculpted using traditional master model making rather than CAD sculpts as square edges were slightly off, etc, but that didn’t detract from the quality of the model and probably lends itself to a slightly abused skip or shipping container!

One thing I did like was the shipping containers stacked quite nicely.  I thought the drop cast nature of them may prevent it but they were actually quite stable.  Combined with the relatively low cost of £2 a skip in a five-pack, those thinking of recreating a busy shipping dock may be able to go wild!

Stackable terrain – for easy storage!

The models were painted using Vallejo Surface Primer, Citadel paints (including an experiment in contrast with the Shipping Containers) and Vallejo varnish with no issues in paint adherence.  It will be interesting to see how they hold up in gaming use.

Warrior and architectural model 1;100 cars for scale on a Battlefront Car Park

Painted Shipping Container

Painted Skip with Scrap Metal

Painted Empty Skip


The Skips and Shipping Containers provide some relatively cheap scatter terrain to populate building sites, shop back lots and any other useful piece of urban terrain.  The models are cleanly cast and quick to paint and add some life to a tabletop.  They also provide some concealment and bulletproof cover to advancing infantry teams which is never a bad thing!  They are certainly worth your time.