Scenic Winter Basing

Greetings all, today I will be taking you through how I made my recent Bulge Scenic bases, themed around deep snow.  Here are a few shots of what we are aiming for.

The bases themselves come from Baueda who do a fantasic range of 15mm bases aimed at FOW.  You could also check out Battefront’s plastic bases as well.


In order to make these bases you will need

  • Bases (plain, or scenic).
  • AK interactive Terrains Snow Diorama 250ml
  • Range of paints for your scenic bases (I used Vallejo and Citadel Contrasts).
  • Old brush and sculpting tool to move the snow around.
  • Bostik all purpose glue
  • Super glue
  • Foliage clumps for extra detail.
  • Citadel Valhallan Blizzard.
  • Grey undercoat.

Step by Step

  1.  I start by undercoating my bases in a light grey.  In the UK Wilkinson’s sell a matt grey primer which is normally £4-5 each.  I then drybrush the base heavily with Vallejo white paint.  This helps with pre-highlights and really assists when utilising contrast paints.

2. Next I use Citadel contrast paint across the scenic items on the base.

Sandbags = Aggaros Dunes
Barrels and fences = Gore Gunta Fur, Snakebite leather or Cygor Brown.
Barrels = Basilicanium Grey or Militarium Green
Canvas = Aggaros Dunes, Gulliman Flesh or Skeleton Horde.
Stone/Cobbles =Basilicanium Grey.
Wheel rims =Basilicanium Grey

I then used Vallejo Green Grey on the large kit bundles 

3.  You could stop here if you want, the contrast paints do a great basic job, however a little more detail and layering will really bring the bases out.

  • Vallejo Khaki was applied to the sand bags followed by a light dry brush with Khaki to white (1:1).
  • Vallejo Stone Grey is layered onto the kit bundles.
  • The metal areas on the boxes and wheels had Valljo Metalizer applied to it.
  • The stone and cobble areas had a light grey drybrushed on (I used Vallejo London Grey).
  • Straps were painted Vallejo Leather Brown. 

4.  I swear by a light dry brush of Vallejo Iraqi Sand on most models and once again it did me proud!

5.  The next step is to attach your models.  Where the bases had holes I just used superglue, if they didnt then I applied general glue on the scenic base, trimmed off the circular base of the model (often I just use clippers to detach below the feet), added super glue to the feet and then placed in the general glue.  The super glue holds it initially and then the general glue hardens and creates a really strong bond.  I was dubious when someone else told me this technique but it really works, and no pinning needed!

6.  Now comes the Snow.  The AK Snow effect is quite thick but spreads quite easily.  It takes a little practice but I find it best to use a sculpting tool to place it thickly over multiple points on the base.  I then use a small old brush to push the top layer of snow around feet and objects to ensure the base is covered.  If you want to build snow drifts then just do a second layer to make it extra thick.  Don’t be too worried if some of the effect gets on the feet and ankles of the model, snow often sticks to clothes and feet sink in thick areas.

7.  The final stage is to use Citadel Valhallan Blizzard to add snow to the top of walls, sandbags etc.  This is just applied direct from the pot with the sculpting tool.  I also added a few tufts as well as some tree/bushes using shrubs from Green Stuff World.   I fixed this down with superglue and when dry added snow effect on top.

I hope this guide proved useful and i look forward to seeing your own projects.  Just tag us on FB or instagram @Breakthroughassault

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  1. Thanks for the article Mark! Will definitely incorporate some of the basing techniques for my American Bulge project.

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