Road to Nowhere – Panhards

Ahh the Panhard. This armoured car is one of the best looking – and most potent units available to the french, with wheeled mobility, enough armour to ignore rifle fire, and a decent AT6 gun – not to mention being recon, this is a fantastic armoured car.

Whilst I may not have gone for the 15+ that makes the fabled ‘panhoard’ 9 of these should be more than enough to make a sizeable dent in an opponents force. Against infantry they are able to close in on objectives quickly, though only having an MG will no doubt limit their offensive firepower – thankfully being able to lift GtG for the rest of the army to target them is a good trade off. Where they excel I think is against tanks. They may not be able to damage Matilda’s and T34’s head on – but side shots are very viable – and even panzer 3’s are vulnerable head on to them.

As for painting these guys, I used a reference as shown here. I started with some german camo brown, used bluetack to create hards edges and then applied camo green. I then drybrushed with khaki, before applying a brown wash. I picked out the tyres in GW’s stormvermin fur, and the metal in adeptus battle grey.

With the base colours done I applied Mig Ammo’s track wash to the tyres and streaking grime to the vehicles vertical plates – trying to focus on rivets etc.

After this I applied Mig’s ‘Kursk soil’ to the hull, and their ‘dust’ to the horizontal surfaces (avoiding the engine decks vents) before applying some powder dust later.

Well I hope you like then and till next time.