Road to Nowhere – New Minis

So I return to my French, after Art of War I’d come to really appreciate the weakness and strengths of the list, and following some rather extensive discussions with my friend John, some reinforcements were needed – thankfully I owned the models already!

Alongside that I realised I only had another couple of platoons left, so decided that they would also get painted – so I split it up into two painting batches – the tanks and AT guns in one batch, and the infantry in the other.

So the tirailleurs platoon I have painted rather generically, once again going for dust over the helmets to tie them into the dusty ground around them. I’ve also only done 4 a base, once again to try and create a more scenic base than having them overcrowded with 5 a base.

The AT platoon crew were as mentioned painted with the infantry. Now the pack only comes with three guns, so I bought a 4th from peter pig and spread the crew across the guns – originally I had a rifleman to join each base, but the base looked a little crowded so like my 6pdrs I left them with three crew only. I didn’t enjoy painting these guns, they just lacked any character so I struggled to make them interesting to me.

Finally the Somua – I scrounged two from a local shop, 2 from eBay and 2 from a friend who didn’t need them. A couple required a little paint stripping so have a little detail obscured. I painted them in the same way as the other tanks and loved the weathering of them as well – frankly I thinking my painting gets simpler and my weathering more complex.

Anyway I think that’s it for painting the French for now – but when it comes to refining lists there’s always space for new models

7 thoughts on “Road to Nowhere – New Minis

    1. It's mig's light dust (weathering wash) I think apply their light dust powder with a small amount of water to crevices – i like to put gloss varnish on first as It helps if run better

  1. I’m a year behind the picnic but I hope the author passes through occasionally?

    I wonder if I could ask why you painted the helmets blue? I have done the same and my rational was that somehow it made them look more “French”. Whereas the more common Olive Grey (green? Valejo 888) does not. Genuinely interested.

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