Road to nowhere – French artillery

So another unit completed, – once again I remember how much I hate painting gun teams/artillery! Why is that the case you may ask? Well to me it’s because I use very different styles and techniques when painting armour and infantry – and artillery requires armour techniques for the guns and infantry techniques for the infantry…

This shows up the difficulties in painting a cohesive army, the infantry look too clean next to the guns, so I’ve added dust to the helmets and a brown drybrush over the boots too, just to make them fit more.

I’m personally happy with the result, both look used and dirty. I copied the method I used to paint the Panhards for the guns, just added in some yellow when doing the camouflage.

The Artillery itself I think is a really important unit in the army, the AT4 FP3+ is more than effective when targeting enemy heavy tanks like Matilda’s and KV’s – I’ve found with my finns this heavy artillery can not only hurt the enemy, but the fear and the way people spread out etc is almost as important – and the fear factor doesn’t change much from Vet to Trained…

Also another use is in defensive fire – whilst in this iteration of the list I have no infantry – I’ll likely have them in other versions, and having these guys behind an infantry platoon just helps deter people assaulting them. 

Anyway hope you enjoy and next time it’s the mighty Hotchkiss!

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