Road to the BTAEWOD

BTAEWOD – Breakthrough Assault Early War One Dayer

Hello all,
Fez here with a quick post on my latest army completion-my Early War Fallschirmjager!

Done – and a week early!

Next weekend is the next one day tournament in Bournemouth, Early War 1550. Not having time to paint up a new army, I decided to revisit and finish off my Luftlandesturm glider borne force. I took two air landing platoons to my first ever tournament at Warfare Reading in 2013, and with my task of getting as high up the rankings as I can (well, at least better than the other new members of BTA) I thought I should cut it back a little, and only have one platoon in gliders:

Other changes were to ensure I had an even number of platoons, and to drop the motorcycle tows – they can only move 8″ a turn, meaning they only give an extra 2″ of movement for 5 points – not really worth it.
I had originally thought to equip the non-glider platoon with a pioneer supply truck, however I opted to use the 25pts on creating a Stuka Schwerpunkt – that extra aircraft dice should really help make the most of those 7 air support dice.

My aim with the glider platoon is to get a turn one assault in, and as they have a landing run of 4-12 inches, they are surprisingly easy to use – just line them up, with the under-wing doors 8″ away from an infantry team from the platoon you wish to assault. Rolling a 2 will put the glider 4″ forward, and you can assault the remaining 4, same as if you roll a 6 – giving a landing run of 12″, which you can assault back from. As each glider gets an AA mg shot after landing, and all assaulted teams count as pinned/bailed out for defensive fire, they can really pull it off – provided you don’t roll a lot of ones for landing rolls!

I’m looking forward to swooping from the skies again!


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