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Hi all,

thought that I’d do a quick review of Plastic soldier companies (PSC) new War Spray.

Like a lot of people I loved battlefronts sprays and was burning through their Dunkelgelb, until it ran out…

Then lo and behold PSC release some which seem to be the colours we need! Now they were made by army painter as well, so I had high hopes that they would basically be the same colour and I would have all my tanks fitting in.

For a couple of recent things like my Sturmtigers and my AA guns I’d used army painters ‘desert yellow’ which was just too yellow for my germans and required a heavy dry brush.

So as soon as these new paints came available, I ordered one, and waited 2 weeks, got one apology email, but still they didn’t arrive! Thankfully my FLGS had some so I got a can from there.

The can itself I find better than the previous battlefront sprays, and army painter, the force was better, and there was less drip as well – might be i’m just better at spraying these days.

For a test to compare I used some Panzer IV/70’s. I stole them off Ben, as he wasn’t going to be using them so I claimed them for the Reich. He’d for some reason sprayed and assembled 4 leaving one unsprayed for me to use as a contrast.

As you might be able to make out there is a slight variation in colour, it’s a little more green, and as you can see from where i’ve applied a line of vallejo’s middle stone there is a relatively noticeable mismatch in colours. This annoys me as there are always times you need to touch up your mistakes (unless you’re winner, who makes no mistakes!)

I felt I really needed to get an idea though for how it looked finished so as i’m painting something else at the moment I thought I’d just add the camo, wash and drybrush as I have done for my other tanks.

As you can see from the finished result it is slightly different, but fits in pretty well.

So in the end, it’s not the perfect match which I’d hoped for, but it looks better than a lot of the other sprays. The one thing I’d like to ask PSC though is – Could you please do a dropper bottle with the matching colour! That way i don’t need to correct with middlestone, but an exact matching paint.

Till next time


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  1. @Scott: The BF sprays have not been produced in about 18 months, so people are running out and looking for an alternative. No word from BF on when they will do more.

  2. Oh no Coxy, those colours don't match at all. It's going to look all weird on the tabletop. Only one thing for it mate, strip the lot and start again. Sorry, it's just got to be done. 🙂

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