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Recently we were lucky enough to be sent a selection of infantry from that venerable manufacturer Peter Pig‘. I’ve picked up a few models from there in the past, and have a soft spot for them as they’re based only a few miles away from us in Weymouth. They do a huge range of 15mm models and their WW2 stuff is under the name ‘PBI’ you can get them now throughout the world, but enough about them, let’s look at the models!

I received a selection of their Dutch range, it covers all the bases, with rifle teams, LMG’s, HMG’s, mortars, anti tank crews, casualties etc – a really wide variety which you can use to build an entire force with.

The models themselves are more true scale 15mm than the heroic 15mm from battlefront, basically slightly smaller, but not noticeably so on the table top. The quality of the models was good, minimal flash, no miscasts and the mould lines were easy to file away. They come with a variety of different sized ‘tabs’ at the base, most fitting in the new style bases, with a bit of filler.
The first detail you notice in the model is the famous ‘peter pig mouth’ this has been something mentioned to me many times, and check their other ranges for it too – a large number of the infantry have a shouting expression on their faces – whilst initially a little odd, it’s really good detailing here, not quite plastic crispness but clear.
The other detail I noticed, or noticed wasn’t there, was straps on the rifles, just a small detail but it bugged me after a while. The other details like pouches and webbing, marks on helmets etc were easy to see, and after applying the primer and subsequent coats of paint were still sharp.

I had a look online for some references to compare the uniforms/painting guides (this is not my area of expertise by any means!) but they looked accurate for the forces they represented, and were distinctly dutch to my eyes.

Here are a few of the painted stands, I hope it gives you a better impression of the models with paint added to them.

So I hope you’ve found this little review helpful, I’d heartily recommend peter pig as a great source of ww2 15mm models, and would advise you all to have a look online at the vast range they offer. I’d give them 8/10 fortified entrenchments for these models!

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