Review – Anarchy Models stencils (and some Jagdtigers)

Hi All Coxer here,

I thought I’d bring you a review of some stencils we were sent here at Breakthrough Assault.

They’re from and if you check their website they have some helpful videos to talk you through their use. Now They are designed to work with an airbrush, but I think with a bit of care they’d work with hand paints too as well. We were sent two sets of stencils, one of camo stripes one of German crosses, I thought I needed a big canvass to work on, thankfully I have 4 Jagdtigers lying around.
So I started with applying my usual black basecoat to the Jagtigers having assembled them (out of interest I got three of these off Ben – one missing the mantlet – but Battlefront had a replacement on the way – by chance Alex had got me one for my birthday – opened it also missing the mantlet – again got a speedy replacement but why are the mantlets missing?)

Here are the stencils – yes at this point you can’t see anything, but if you then check the next picture…

Here’s a stencil (p.s note Darth Stewie safe in the
background from his northern adventure)
 So the next step was to apply the green – for this I used Vallejo Air Camo Green, and then did a zenithal highlight of Camo green mixed with medium sea grey.

Following this I applied the Stencil, as with the bluetack I used on my T-26’s you’ve got toremember what you cover is what will be left at the end. The difficulty is trying to ensure these adhere properly to the surface – with the edges and details on the model you really have to take time to make sure they are in contact with the surface fully. the stencils do go on easily and are a nice variety of shapes (would not be able to do with blue tack) and have a few sizes for different areas, as well as long chains of camo to run over the tank, I applied some thinned down german camo brown, before adding a hint of khaki.

So after the first spray I applied a second set of stencils, trying to create a random pattern of overlapping and adjacent patterns. I then applied some thinned down middle stone before some Iraq Sand.

So here we have them after the spray of the Middelstone

And the removal – now the only problem here was that in a couple of places the stencil pulled up all the paint including the base coat, now I’m not sure if that from poor paint application, or too tacky stencils, of even paint being too dry/not dry enough. I was a little annoyed, but as I was going to damage these tanks I used these spots as the focus of it.

The other stencils were German cross’s I decided to copy a photo (i now can’t find) which had big crosses and also numbers on the side, so used white and the cross’s and some number stencils I had lying around for this. To make them more distressed I applied toothpaste as a resist on the areas I would spray to create the distressed look.

And after the removal they looked like this (note where the paint was pulled up is now a replacement panel)

So it’s then weathering and stowage applied alongside some chips and other damage

And now in a finished state

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the review and models


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  1. To combat the stencils removing the paint, you could always seal your first layer with some gloss varnish. I like Testors Model Master Acryl Gloss mixed with lots of acrylic thinner.

    The camo stencils look really good. I had seen their kickstarter (I think). Did they stick to the model well? That is often the tricky bit. I was hoping they would make a 15mm disc camouflage pattern.

    1. They stuck very well, I like the idea of sealing the paint, will try that next time. I really like their hexocam/digital camo, and I keep think those on either infinity/DZC model would be nice

    2. 15mm disc camouflage would be awesome. I hope they create a stencil for the "chips" at the right scale and pattern for 15mm and not a stencil for the "circles" (as the other one is). The circles are great for some of the Stug patterns but I would love to have the chips for true disc pattern on Panthers and things.

      I really like the digital camouflage too. I've been sort of wanting to paint a 40k tank in digital camouflage. I just have to find someone who wants it done.

  2. Strange you had problems with it lifting paint. If its pulled the basecoat off. I notice you are using the Vallejo black primer, did you leave it to dry overnight? That stuff takes ages to cure, so unless its had a good 12 hours it will peel/rub off.

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