List reviews – Hermann Göring Divisions on the Eastern Front

Hi all, Coxer here with a look at the new Hermann Göring (HG) on the eastern front lists. Whilst these have been on the app a while, they have only just made it to forces, so I thought I’d review them.


Firstly special rules – HG are ‘elite’ troops, so they can reroll failed platoon and company morale tests – I’ve had this before when using guards armour for my Brits, and whilst the Maths says ‘yes yes’ the dice say ‘three, three’… I always think with rules like this, in the end you’re paying for them hoping not to need them, which always makes me question their worth!

We also get new character, Major Hans Sandrock- he’s only in the panzer jäger and StuG lists (at 155/160 points respectively) and has three rules. Firstly he ignores the +1 long range penalty, he give a platoon he joins cautious movement, and has the ability to hit side armour at short range – from the front. All in all I like the combination of rules, it helps him move, and shoot in three situations making him a decent Jack of all trades.


For the lists we have 4 infantry, 5 mech and three tank lists. Like the HG in fortress Italy you still get three AA slots with light (and still with option of losing AA on the 2cm guns to dig them in for concealment), self propelled (all without armour) and the old 88, still with the horse artillery rule (one day I will have 6 88’s do this!) . You also now can get HG rocket launchers too another new unit. The other ‘new’ unit is the schwere panzerspah which is a pair of 234/1’s with the option to upgrade one to a 234/3 and another to a 234/4.

Looking at the infantry lists, we get HG fallschrim-panzer 1 and 2, CV and CT respectively. Both lists are mainly MG with trucks (and optional Panzerfaust as well). 2 has the fun support like StuH, but otherwise very similar to grenadiers (except the extra AA). The other two infantry lists are both pioneers, again not many special options, but both have a decent variety. They can also be fortified – which whilst not cheap is always an option.


The mech gets fun lists I think, the first is a CT aufklarungs list, with combat platoon as motorcycles/kublewagon, but the support is pretty standard (+ extra AA and StuH). There is a cv gepanzers aufklarungs list, and gepanzers panzer pioneer list, the the gepanzers fusilier company is the one with all the goodies! The one I really like is the panzerspah list though, the first time those 234/4’s can be the core choice – I could see 6 sections of these (with 234/1 or 234/3 too) being a misery to fight against!

Next are the armour lists – the StuG battery is the winner I think here! You have StuH’s and StuG’s as the core choices and great support, my one minor niggle is that you don’t get any cheap trained tanks – if this was an auto attack list it would be perfect!


The panzer list is nice, giving you options for panzer 4 H‘s and J’s – but a lack of StuH’s makes me sad. It does have more infantry slots than the StuG list. The panzer jäger list confuses me, as I just see it as a poor version of the StuG list!

Anyway that’s my brief run down, I hope you find it useful – below is my idea for a 1750 list if i was running it at an open tournament!

  •   VETERAN  
HG StuG Batterie HQ   
2 StuG G (late) 205
HG StuG Platoon   
4 StuG G (late) 405
HG StuH42 Platoon  
4 StuH42 390
Major Hans Sandrock   
1 Major Hans Sandrock in StuG G (late) 160
Schwere Panzer Platoon (Heer)
1 Königstiger (Henschel) 345
HG Panzerspäh Platoon (1)   
Sd Kfz 250 (recce)
Sd Kfz 250/9 (2cm)
HG Rocket Launcher Battery (2)   

Cmd SMG team
Kfz 15 field car
Observer Rifle team
15cm NW41
Sd Kfz 11
HG Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon   
2 Sd Kfz 10/5 (2cm) 70
Hermann Göring Divisions on the Eastern Front – German Late-War – Platoon Count: 6


3 thoughts on “List reviews – Hermann Göring Divisions on the Eastern Front

  1. The HG stug list is my new favorite atmy. It has advantages over the zyrini’s, a list i still play. I might give the pak 40 recon a try.

  2. Hi. Great review. Could you please email me your list as I am on a ship in Alaska and wont be home for a while. What book is this from? Cheers.

    1. Something like
      HQ 2 Stug
      4 Stug
      4 StuH 42
      Major Sandrock
      1 King tiger
      Puma pak 40 patrol
      2 nebs + trucks
      2 Flakzweilling 38’s + trucks

      about 1775 points

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