Confessions of a FOW sinner – The long way back

Dear Father forgive me for I have sinned, it has been 5 months since I last painted a FoW miniature.

It seems that’s the best joke I can come up with for this article, as bar a box of Pak40’s I’ve not painted anything for FoW since November. I mean I tried building my T72’s the other day but…
I can’t think when I last went without painting a FoW army so long, though I’ve painted other stuff in the mean time, and gamed lots (including FoW) but the passion was lacking, but that’s changed, and I think it all started with selling.  I was up in the attic of my new house and gazing at the lead pile when I decided ‘enough was enough’ and put my LW US stuff on eBay (along with some other bits) but I didn’t put any of my EW Germans as I knew I wanted them. Then having sold the unbuilt stuff, I considered selling a completed army, numerous excuses as to why I can’t crept into my head so I didn’t, once again I considered the EW Germans and once again I didn’t.  Then it started, reading the Wikipedia entries late at night, playing around on Forces, and I realised that I wanted to start this army.

However I realised that into to blog about the project I needed to remind myself of some basics.

1. This is a project – it’s going to take time, and it’ll take the time it needs, no more rushing a unit to fit a deadline, and so hopefully the more regular updates will flow.

2. I got to enjoy painting it – now I have an awesome idea of how this army will look (a future post) but without that excitement when painting it’ll be a chore!

3. Got to build an army I want to play – I prefer playing tanks, hence the greatcoat infantry will stay in their blisters a while.

Anyway that the first steps back, I’ll hopefully bring you my list thoughts soon.