Rainbow (Division) Dash

Today, Duncan is back with… well just some pretty pictures of his Great War US troops really.

Last time I looked at the Kaisers forces for the Great War period and prior to that the US forces but I didn’t have any pictures of the troops at that time. As I explained last time real life has made doing anything with a paintbrush hard for me but Paul at Inside Out Terrain has smashed out the US. He’s done a lovely job again and all the figures in this post are the product of his very talented brush.

Look out for an AAR US vs. Germans very soon!


5 thoughts on “Rainbow (Division) Dash

  1. Super nice paint job. I’ve enjoyed this article and your previous one on the German formation. I hope to build a similar force but have been sidetracked with the new V.4 Soviet Shock Tank Group box set. Thank you again for a pleasant read.

    1. Hi Grant,

      Thank you for your kind comments – hopefully I will have an AAR coming up very soon to look at playing a game with the US and the Germans. It’s been a really nice side project to be honest and the history of WW1 has been really interesting.

      thanks again

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