An Interview with Will of The Plastic Soldier Company

Today Will from Plastic Soldier Company has taken the time to answer some of your questions


What made you and Keith think about merging Plastic Soldier Conpany and Armies Army?

Keith contacted me when we announced the forthcoming Battlegroup Northag offering his models for photos. We started chatting and discussed co operation ideas but, long story short, Keith’s “real job” commitments increased, so I acquired the Armies Army range. Keith will still be very active helping me grow the excellent Armies Army range further under the PSC flag, doing what he enjoys most and is best at – designing vehicles!

What are your plans for the armies army lines. We will see then converted to plastic?

The plan is to grow the AA line into a comprehensive 15mm Cold War range. You may see some of it converted into plastic.

How will this merger effect your current WW2 range?

Not at all! Different design teams and manufacturing. It’s not a merger, its an acquisition!

When can we expect Battle Group NORTHAG what scales are you aiming at?

Ah hah – got big plans for NORTHAG! 10mm – specifically 1/160th (railway n gauge).

What releases are planned for 2018 both WW2 and “modern”?

  • 20mm T55
  • 15 and 20mm Valentine
  • 15 and 20mm Sexton
  • 15mm and 20mm SU76
  • Battlegroup Torch (north Africa 42-43)
  • 15mm hard plastic British BAOR Infantry
  • A couple of surprises………
  • A whole heap of unreleased/half finished Armies Army 15mm Cold War stuff – its an absolute treasure trove!

 The new resin Leopard 1A1 cast turret for the Plastic Soldier Leopard 1 hull hints at what we could see as the two lines come together.

What are you most exited about for 2018?

Battlegroup NORTHAG and plastic 10mm!

Will we see Swedish forces from Armies Army?

Yep – later this year.

Are they going to expand their 15mm modern plastic infantry range to cover other distinct nation’s along with transport options?


Any chance of MI-8?

Yep again! Its all designed just need to get it in production. Got a funky idea for the rotors….. Is it high up people’s wishlist?

Who doesn’t love over-armed assault transports? – Lee

What was the 3D render of a Jolly Roger a few months ago about?

Hmm… I’ll ask Keith.

What forces will be on covered in the for cold war gone hot/ Battlegroup: NORTHAG and what timeframe?

Initially 1983. NORTHAG will be main rules and first army lists and scenarios then range of supplements – CENTAG, SOUTHAG, Northern Flank, Berlin and and Arab Israeli book. Just deciding what goes into what book.

How do you work out what to release.

Ah, that would be telling…. 😊 I’m not sure myself!

Will you be doing more crowd funded projects, if so is there a way for people to vote for them?

Yes – NORTHAG will be crowdfunded. Maybe others, I like the idea of guys voting. Not sure how it would work though.

How will you decide what will be done in the PSC range and what will be in the Armies Army range?

I guess the easiest way to answer this question is: a blend of what is commercially juicy and what Battlegroup needs. Armies Army will be absorbed into the PSC brand and will become the resin/metal part of the business


Well it seems that PSC and Armies Army have a nice match together . While plastics are great for large selling products the production cost of the kooks can exclude more specific vehicles.  Armies Army can happily fill this gap with their resin range and also provide conversions for the existing plastic range such as Gepard turrets for the plastic Leo1.

I have a surplus of Leopard 1 hulls at the moment and a lot of BMP/Hinds to shred… – Lee

I am very interested to see how NORTHAG goes and to see what the 10mm stuff is like, not only for NORTHAG but for large Team Yankee engagements as well.

I wonder if successful we could see 10mm world war 2 as well?


3 thoughts on “An Interview with Will of The Plastic Soldier Company

  1. Super keen to see how the plastic 10mm range turns out – could be a great segway into playing more big WW2 battles.

  2. That Will fellow is an utter tease and no mistake.

    The ugly sight of tank parks has kept me and my buddy from Team Yankee; 10mm is very tempting. I do hope it all isn’t too far away. And to *finally* have sight of that 15mm SU76 sometime soon would be grand. It’s been ‘in the pipeline’ so long I thought it had been flushed away. ;o)

    Thank you for the (brief) snippets. Appreciated.

  3. Great show Will! I will support the 15mm part all the way. NORTHAG Crowdfund me up Will!!!

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