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Hi all welcome to the third part of my Finnish list discussions – this time Midwar! (Early and Late war are here.)

I’m going to be honest this post has been rewritten perhaps three times – because trying to come up with a Finnish list for Mid War is tough! I’m once again sticking with Jääkärikomppania, and once again I’m FV. I’m planning this list for the next BA one day event, and Reading Warfare!

So where am I going to start, well once again lets go with the compulsory choices Jääkäri platoons, unlike late war I don’t think I have the points for lots of upgrades, except of course Torni for one platoon and a close defense team for the other.

I’m thinking that I’m going to be defensive quite a lot due to the overwhelming number of tankovy lists I’ve previously played in MW, as such I’m going a little different, I want big platoons on the board with everything. As such I’m going to next go for the Anti Tank Rifle Platoon, but going to make them all Close defense teams and I can combat attach them out.

Same for HMG’s again as a rifle armed unit I could do with some extra firepower – who doesn’t like two giant platoons on objectives!

I also want my standard smoke launchers and Recce – As such some BA-10’s and some mortars ae next up. I also want something to anchor my lines, so I’m going to try a couple of my newly painted KV1’s I think.

I’d also benefit from some more Anti Tank, so some pak38’s fit the cost vs effectiveness category. I would love some Artillery especially as I can do combined bombardments – shame there’s only one artillery slot… This has become a proper compromise, there are no decent cheap artillery options which are killy! As such I’m going for Heavy Mortars, with AT3 (not great but ok vs TA 1) and a decent 3+ FP (and extra chance to range in + smoke) They are a great jack of all trades unit.

With a few points left over I can get one more Anti Tank Rifle to bulk out a platoon if needed.

And there you have it a list which can be 9 platoons, I think it can go forward with two smoke options and tormi being able to reroll skill tests – but on defense it should be a real pain!

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Article by: Mark Goddard