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Coxer here with some T-34’s for my Finn’s. Firstly These are the new Battlefront T-34’s and just WOW!!! These models were a real pleasure to put together, I was properly impressed by the quality of the kit, and the details on it. The options for both the 76 and 85 were really appreciated too. But enough of the build quality, lets look at the painting of these – as I’ve refined this since I started way back with the T-26.

I started by basing the model black, I’m a big fan of this as opposed to grey for tanks, as it gives it depth I think.

Following this I applied the Finnish Grey, before masking with the blue tack, I only give a couple of big stripes now, as I have limited bluetack, and need more for the masking of the green (as the grey historically was less prominent than the green and brown)

Having masked this I then applied the Green, before masking and applying the brown.

With all three colours in place, I didn’t apply a wash, I felt it meant the colours were lost later on.

I next applied the decals, before using some painted on Matt varnish over them (2-3 layers) – this is needed as otherwise the liquid mask has a tendency to pull off the decals.

Following on from this I applied the liquid mask and toothpaste. I applied this with some foam from a blister, and left it to dry for a couple of hours – again focus on areas of heavy wear. I leave details and tracks till later as it’s easier I think.

Following this I applied a white dusting over the model, keeping a little of the camo showing through from below.

With this I then pealed off the liquid mask, before washing off the toothpaste.

With that done I then pick out tracks, and details – before highlighting, and then applying weathering washes – soot over the exhausts etc, a few bits of rust, and dirt on the tracks. I also apply a grey wash into recess’s on the white.

With that in place I varnish, and apply the MIG winter streaking grime on vertical surfaces before removing some with white spirit – and varnishing again.

In Game terms I love this for the Finn’s it can be used in Mid war as  very mobile unit in a fairly static force, or in Late war you can take the 85 for some decent fire power, It is expensive as FV (or CV in lapin sota) but without ‘hen and chicks’ and  with it’s decent front armour and firepower this is a really dangerous vehicle – I really love the idea of pairing it with Panzer IV’s in a Lapin sota list.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed, until next time.

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Article by: Mark Goddard