Product Review Universal Carriers (BR211)

Ah just what I have been waiting for…

Hey guys,
Today I am going to be looking at the new Universal Carriers (BR211).
Up until now I have been using the older Battlefront Universal Carriers in my British army and although they are very decent models, I didn’t hesitate in getting my hands on these,  given the high quality of the recent Battlefront releases this year.

The carriers require no construction. The only gluing you have to do is to add your choice of crew to go inside of the vehicles and your weaponry of choice (all included). I decided to do this prior to painting as I was confident that I could pick out most of the important details and I don’t like to mess around with superglue after the painting is finished.
The vehicles are not based, which I know a lot of people will appreciate. I myself like to base my vehicles for magnetising purposes… However the old Universal Carrier vehicles (which had moulded bases) did not have the right size base to put the Battlefront magnets on, as the base cast was too big. This way I get to add some grey Battlefront small bases myself, which will then be exactly the right size for the magnets. Unfortunately the blister does not come with any grey bases, but this is hardly an issue as like most of you I have hundreds of spare bases knocking about somewhere and the majority of customers will not be basing the vehicles anyway and so it’s understandable why these have not been included.

In game the Universal Carrier makes the perfect reconnaissance tool for your British army. They are cheap on points, fairly mobile and actually have a very decent amount of firepower (when upgraded) should you wish to use them more aggressively.  
I absolutely love these! There are lots of improvements on the last models… The increased definition and crispness of the product really helps when shadowing and highlighting, there was barely any clean up required prior to painting, no moulded bases and are even a decent value at £9.00!
Overall I am very pleased with this purchase and feel that the improvements (and other factors above) more than justify picking these up, despite having the older models already. I’m looking forward to more Battlefront releases in the not too distant future!
Thanks for reading
Papa Bear

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  1. It's a shame the MMG carrier option wasn't included. The new Airborne lists for nachtjager digital require some, along with Para driven Uni Carriers!

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