Product Review – SAS Jeeps (BR414)

Hey guys!

Papa Bear here and today I am going to be looking at the new SAS jeeps (BR414), kindly given to us to review by Battlefront.

What’s in the Box
So you get 3 of these rather cool looking jeeps along with their SAS crews and all the weapon options you could ever want – Twin MGs, AAMG and 50.cals, these guys are armed to the teeth and rightly so!

   SAS – Super Army Soldiers! – (thats what it stands for right?)

The models are very nice indeed. Very clean and crisp right out of the pack, barely any clean up at all. The faces on the men in particular are really well defined, so it makes for easy painting. Sometimes with resin it can be difficult to tell what’s what (as we all know) and I’m glad to say that this is not the case with these guys. Fantastic quality!

Again this was easy! Not a lot to say here – the jeeps are one solid piece. All you have to add is the crew, guns of choice and armoured screens at the front. Took me less than 10 minutes to have everything put together. The only thing that I found a bit fiddly was putting the front screens on and therefore I had to use tweezers to get them into position in order to save getting my fingers covered in superglue!

It is so nice not having to glue the wheels onto the vehicles, as this has always been a pain in the past. I will still probably base the vehicles for magnetising purposes, but it’s great to have the option of leaving them unbased as they are.
No cons here. Fantastic models, very high quality. Easy to construct and pick out the fine details when painting, very lightweight and decent value at £9.00! One thing that would have been helpful was a paint colour guide for the uniform to work from (admittedly I didn’t look very hard for this and apologise if such a guide exists!)
In short if you play Brits then these make the perfect recce solution for your army and have a great synergy with the Comet tank, given their mobility.
I’m off to design some lists now!
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  1. Wow – £9? – That really does make them rather tempting.

    Another draw for extending my Market Garden 11AD company beyond Market Garden,,,!

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