Preparing for the tournament Part 3

Only 1 week to go, I’ve grabbed every spare hour I can find to paint, which really isn’t that much.

Here’s a very blurry image of 2ic, 1st platoon and the Stugs

A close up of the Stugs

 And a close up of first platoon

I used the new airbrush on the Stugs, it was such a different experience to using the cheap chinese copy.  So unbelievably smooth and able to operate at much lower pressures.  Only problem is it’s so sensitive, I pull the lever back as small a movement as I can and the paint is coming and its coming fast leading to a lot of times when I had a splodge of paint in a small area.

I started to get the hang of it and hope it’s just a muscle memory thing.  I tried some modulation, but in my haste I applied gloss varnish before the sepia wash had fully dried. Damn!

The troops are really basic – tabletop level only..but that’ll do for a tournament.

Still to go…I have 1st platoon, HMGs and the plane, which is had an accident 🙁

More to come…


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  1. I went with good old grey for the stugs. Mostly to make it easy to say these grey ones are StuHs and these Dunkelgelb are Stugs.

    Also I've been playing a lot of world of tanks and my Stug is grey…I think it had an effect 🙂

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Article by: Mark Goddard