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I spotted a few posts on other forums called “Playing Favourites” I thought about having a go back then but I completely forgot about it. Then Ferb on Ferb’s Fighting Forces did another one and it reminded me to have a go myself. This is basically a list of things you enjoy or inspire you about the hobby, it is also a chance to show how geeky you are! A few other great lists that have inspired me to do this are Too Much Lead blog, Steve’s Random Musings, Trouble At T’Mill, Mylardiesgames, Too Much Lead and Ferbs Fighting Forces

Wargames Period
This is an easy one for me, WW2 has always been my favourite part of history since I was about 6 or 7 and my older relatives (both English and German) told me a few war stories (cleaned up because of my age of course!). The one that really stuck with me was the stories of my Great Grandfather who fought at Cassino in 1944 as part of the 1st FJ Division, this I think has lead to my favourite battles of WW2 being Cassino, Arnhem and Bastogne. Well this and popular TV and Films but more on that later.

A few Years ago I would have said 28mm hands down, but since I got into Flames of War and have got my head around painting 15mm I’m now finding it far more enjoyable! It’s easier to paint and doesn’t take any were near as long as 28mm and I think 20 odd 15mm tanks looks far more impressive on the table than two or three 28mm tanks.

This is a hard one. I have played quite a few games over the years, I really enjoy FOW as coming from GW rules sets it just made far more sense. But I think my top set has to be Blood Bowl, I do love the game. When I first started playing it still had rules on how to cheat, how cool is that!

Figure Manufacturer
Now this is something I’m going to have trouble deciding on. I’m a fan of most of the GW ranges (yes I know…) but I think my favourite range of models is Infinity. They all look so impressive, there are so few bad models in the range and each model would be classed as a “character” model in any other companies range.

I guess being from the newer school of gaming I have grown up with both Plastics and Metals and I can honestly say I have no problem with either as long as they are good models. Also they are both far better than Finecasts. 

My Favourite opponent is my long time friend George. We have played games against each other for about 10 years now. They are normally close games which George normal wins but his armies are always very well painted and well converted so nice to see on the table.


This is by far the easiest one of the lot. I have quite a few Board Games, not as many as I read about people having on Board Game Geek (some of them buy 10 games a month!) but I do have around 25. By far my favourite game (and that probably goes for the guys in my gaming group too) is Battlestar Galatica. It’s a co-op game, except up to 2 of the guys on your team are Cylon agents so will try and screw you over all the time. The game is constantly throwing problems at you; most of these are either bad or VERY bad so the game screws you over at every turn. This all leads to a fun game were if the Humans win you really feel like you earned it. 
Honourable mentions to RISK 2210, Twilight Imperium and Settlers

This is a hard one as I like a lot of different films, but the film that inspires me the most for wargaming is a Bridge Too Far. I watch it when I’m painting and I like to have the sound track on when I’m gaming. Close second would be either Battle of Britian or Saving Private Ryan (but I can’t paint when the first 30 minutes of saving Private Ryan is on it’s too noise!).

Now this I will have to put into more categorize:-
* Documentaries – The Battlefield series, this is one a very few Documentaries series I own on DVD which says alot as I watch alot of Documentaries. I have watched them all too many times to count, they are well done and very informative
(well the first 2 seasons anyway).
* TV seriesBand of Brothers or Battlestar Galatica. I really can not choose between the two of them! Both are great and I have watched both so many times.
* Comedy (while not wargaming related I have included this for completeness)– About a year ago I would have said family guy, but not now! The lastest season have just not be than good. Some times I can watch a whole episode and not laugh once! I would say now it’s either Archer or American Dad, both for slightly different reasons so I can’t pick.

Internet Site
WWPD or Model Dad’s by a mile hands down. WWPD is great as every day there is something new on the site. While Model Dad’s doesn’t have the some amount of stuff what they do have on their site is top class, almost to a professional level!
But I will say there are so many great blogs out there, I have over 100 that I follow just for FOW  inspiration, check out my blogs list to the right for more details.


  • favourite tank: Panther with the Cromwell as a close second
  • favourite colour to paint uniforms: green, to be more precise Anything that Reflective Green or GW’s camo green works with as it’s easy to paint and vanish really finished it off with so little effort.

Thanks for Reading Ben

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    1. I really don't feel like I can't over state it when I say it's the best game I have every played!! And that includes Board Games, War Games and computer games.

      You do need to have watched atleast Season 1 of BSG to really get into it (and as that is a great series not real hardship) and I can see why some groups don't like it as the people you play with makes a big difference. But I can't speak highly enough of the game.

  1. Very cool, and also interesting to see some of the choices.. need to re-look at some items in your list to check out myself ( like Archer ).. and agreed on Blood Bowl being a good pick for rules..

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