Plastic Soldier Company M5 Stuart.

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A month or so ago I picked up a box of the new Plastic Soldier Company Stuarts for my up and coming 7th Armoured Company.

My first impressions of the boxset is that the PSC has learnt a lot of lessons from the older kits, the tracks, running gears and sides are one piece! I can’t tell you how much aggro the T-34 tracks caused me until I finally worked out the trick to them.

With the tracks being one piece the build was pretty easy, I think the whole model is about fifteen pieces so building the 5 tank took next to no time. Overall I would say I was very impressed with the models and bar my slight dislike for the PSC tank crew I can’t speak highly enough for these Stuarts.

I paint these in my normal fashion I do my US tanks. These were a joy to paint and I plan on getting another 12 at some point soon to run a whole companies worth, I just need to decide between 2nd Armoured from Overlord or 2nd Cav from Devils Charge.

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  1. They look great. The tracks look so much crisper than the metal Battlefront ones. My Stuart tracks had some mold slip on the tracks (I had to file the tracks and then remake them in places because they were so off). Some of my tracks also had globs of extra metal obscuring the running wheels. These models must be nice to assemble with simple one piece tracks. The entire model looks much crisper. Like you, I definitely prefer the BF tank commanders though.

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