Paving Paradise

So Ben sent out a panicked email today as the post count was running low, I therefore decided to rush my plan for some Team Yankee scenery making. I’ve been going a bit mental on this lately, getting all the great battlefield in a box stuff but also things like pylons.

Thinking about my terrain collection in 15mm, it’s mainly WW2 themed. That means I need to fast forward 40 years. This means among other things the popularity of cars needs to be increased. In the 80’s there were loads more cars than the 40’s.

In view of this I’ve ordered a load of 1:100 scale cars from a popular auction site (it turns out railway modellers drive a market for this stuff, awesome).

For another much money, I got 50 cars. Excellent:


Now more cars means more parking, so this is my super quick way to build a car park for Team Yankee.

Step 2 (step 1 is buy a load of cars as above) – buy some cork tilesimage2Step 3: take out a cork tile

image3Step 4 – cut it to the shape of a car park. I left a bit purposefully flat so it can but up against things:image4Step 5 – spray it blackimage5Step 6 – let it dryimage6Step 7 – lay out cars to see how you can mark out spaces. Bloody hell town planning is hard


Step 8 – paint lines and traffic markings (I free handed this due to time, I’d recommend marking it out with some sort of masking tape to avoid it looking as amateur as this)image9Step 9 – add cars and T72’s for tasteimage11Simple and quick. Good for next to buildings. If I had more time I would have textured it with textured spray paint and masked out the lines better, as it was very easy I’ll probably do that over the top in future.

Anyway. Boom