Painting To Tabletop Standard

One of the strange things I realised on reflection is that I always consider myself an average painter. The issue is that I have been an average painter for the last ten years – but if you look at my original blood bowl teams to my latest T-55’s there is a definite improvement.

So I’m back with one of my rambling pieces, and it’s about something which has been circulating in my head for some time. The idea about being ‘average’. Now I’ve chosen to focus on painting, but it applies in so many other areas too gaming, list building etc.

The thing is that painting is very subjective, I can look at two peoples work and say ‘I think this one is better than that one’ but equally someone else may disagree. With my own work over the last decade or so though I’m able to say that there has been an improvement, comparing initial FoW stuff to my latest stuff I see a very definite improvement. But I still compare myself to those around me (as do most people) and I feel that there are those who are better, those who are worse, and that doesn’t seem to change, therefore I’m a rather average painter. 

But I’ve got better (subjectively) so does that mean I’m still average? Now average is a huge area, so am I now better than average? On a good day yes, on a bad day no… Same with my gaming I think.

But I realise the more I go on, it doesn’t matter if I’m average or great, or useless. What matters to me is that I have improved, that I can use materials and techniques I couldn’t have done previously, and the more I use them, the better the result. It’s a fairly liberating feeling not comparing myself to others, and more to myself.

And do you know what, even objectively now I’m beginning to think that maybe, I’m better than average.
Till next time 

3 thoughts on “Painting To Tabletop Standard

  1. I would definitely say your painting is above average! I've noticed a big improvement in the last few months as you've started incorporating some more complex techniques into your models (modulation, weathering, dust). I think the challenge is to keep trying to improve and try new things.

  2. Average is 1) a range in most cases, and 2) determined by the set of people involved. Thus the an average grade in Grad School is higher than an average grade in college… as the people at the lower end are removed form the equation. You can be a good or even very good painter and still be average because you compare your self to a very talented pool of painters.

    1. Honestly as humans we feel a constant need to compare and contrast to what is directly around us. Is that a good trait, yes and no Imo as sometimes it drives us to improve but other times it can leave you feeling a little lost. I'm beginning to come round to the point that if I'm happy with the results that all that matters, although partly I think that comes with settling into your own skin so to speak. Now I've gone all abstract and rambling on everyone a painted mini is better than a grey plastic one 😉

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