Painting Challenge Month Two – Ben’s Israelis

Hello All

Month two of the painting challenge has been and gone and I have been a busy beaver. This month I painted up two Ch’ir Mamochan (Motorised) Platoons, they are without transports as I was really struggling with points (not having the half-tracks saved me a whooping 165pts!).

Painting wise I painted them in four batches over two days with another two days for basing. I decided to do something quick and simple and after spraying them Russian Uniform I picked out the details and painted on Army Painters Quickshade. The basing was done the same way I did it on the Jeeps in month one.

Next up for the army is a four Anti Tank jeeps (it would be rude not to include such a cool model to the army), a Heavy Mortar platoon (which I have released comes with a staff team quick must make it the only mortar platoon that has one) and I hope to get some time to paint up my 4 M51 Ishermans.

We also have a one day tournament planned on the 12th December down Entoyment (full details here is anyone is interested), so I hope to get a few practice games in once I have finished the army.

Thanks and until next time


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  1. You are the infantry machine! I have these guys in 6mm sitting on my desk (just a stand!). I haven't brought myself to painting them yet…

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