Out of Afrika

Today Paul looks at constructing an Afrika Korps force.

Ok, I am a bit behind in jumping into list noodling for the new MW v4 books. I am no less excited though. I have always been attracted to the war in the desert. With V4 now released and all the old assumptions about list constructions from V3 no longer valid, now is the perfect time to share some thoughts about a V4 list. All my theories may end up completely wrong but here goes nothing…

First up, what formation, or formations to choose? The options are a Panzer IV formation, a Panzer III formation or a Motor Infantry formation. Duncan recently posted up a 2 formation list DAK list. This looks a really solid list that covers all bases. However, I have always been attracted to a DAK tank force. The Panzer III formation has more options so lets start there.


In v4, the HQ is now a unit for formation last stand purposes. I therefore want them to hang around as long as possible. For that reason, I will take 2 vehicles and choose short barrel Pz IIIs as they are unlikely to be targeted by an opponent as a high AT threat.

2 x Panzer III (Short 5cm) – 10 points.

Compulsory Combat Units:

I want to start with an all round unit. Something with reasonable AT in a big unit that can also take on infantry. For me this is Panzer III (short 5cm). These are AT8 and fire power (FP) 4+, these are pretty good against front armour (FA) 5 Grants and FA 3 crusaders. Together with HQ, 4 of these will be a solid assault unit, hitting on a 3+.

4 x Panzer III (Short 5cm) – 20 points.


Next up I want some harder hitters. I.E good AT. The best AT available for a combat platoon is from Panzer IVs with the long 75mm. These are expensive and I have other plans for my Panzer IV slot so I go for the next best thing, the Panzer III (Short 7.5cm). These late model Pz IIIs are AT9 with HEAT, but more importantly are FP 3+. These are much more likely to destroy than their 5cm brothers. To keep points for other options, I will take 3 of these and trust that 3+ last stand checks will keep them in the field for a while.

3 x Panzer III (Short 7.5cm) – 24 points

Other Combat Units:

I may be stuck in v3 thinking but a template is pretty important. There are not a lot of options here. I think the best may be Panzer IV (Short 7.5cm). These have an OK gun (AT7) and and OK template (AT2, FP 4+). As a bonus, these are also FP 3+. I am not sure these are worth it but hey, we are all learning here.

4 x Panzer IV (Short 7.5cm) – 24 points.

In v3, I would be looking for a recce unit about now. v4 has a different role for recce type units in a list. Probably the biggest role is a spearhead. In theme with the list, I want to take something that can serve a few purposes. I will go with Panzer IIs. As well as being a great looking vehicles, these are proper tanks and will be able to shoot and assault if needed.

3 x Panzer II – 6 points.

Support Units:

This one is easy. I love Marders and these have had a bump from AT11 to AT12. I will take all 4!

4 x Marder III 7.6cm – 16 points.

And that’s it, 100 points, all in one formation.

Unit Description Cost Range Halted Moving AT FP
HQ 2 x Panzer III (Short 5cm) 10 24 2 1 8 4+
Panzer III Zug 3 x Panzer III (Short 7.5cm) 24 24 2 1 9 3+ HEAT
Panzer III Zug 4 x Panzer III (Short 5cm) 20 24 2 1 8 4+
Panzer IV Zug 4 x Panzer IV (Short 7.5cm) 24 24 2 1 7 3+ Arty, Smoke
Panzer II Zug 3 x Panzer II 6 20 2 1 5 5+
Marder Platoon 4 x Marder III 7.6cm 16 32 2 1 12 3+ Forward Firing

For reserves, I can put any 2 of the 3 units of Pz III and IV into reserve. Otherwise the Marders and the Pz III 7.5cm  or the Pz4 7.5cm are another option. The Marders will be my go to ambush unit.

I hope to get this list on the table at some point and share an AAR. Until then, I hope you enjoyed my list rumblings.









3 thoughts on “Out of Afrika

  1. First you accurately note “In v4, the HQ is now a unit for formation last stand purposes. ” But then you incorrectly bring v3 thinking into your first platoon selection “Together with HQ, 4 of these will be a solid assault unit, hitting on a 3+.”
    So other than having the HQ unit within 6″ of the Pz III Platoon Leader to give Re-rolls, the HQ is a Unit and doesn’t actually join a platoon as they did in V3.

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