One Man’s Junk Is Another Man’s Army – EW French Part One

Hi All,

I have always wanted to collect an Early War French army army but for one reason or another I never got around to it. First it was Soviet Tanks, then Japanese and finally when I thought I’d get one Adam decided beat me to the punch….IMG_0102

Then one fateful night I was on facebook and decided to look around the Flames of War swap shop. It was mostly filled with Late War U.S. and Germans but I dug deeper I came across a large unpainted French tank force. A quick private message later we’d agreed to a deal, I was sending some Infinity stuff I had no need for; in return I got the core to make either a Somua tank force or a Panhard recce army.IMG_0128

Adam very kindly (he can be a nice guy when he wants to be) picked them up for me at Reading Warfare and I sat there that night looking at them, trying to decide what the best course of action was (while trying to remember I have a load of Team Yankee models to paint). Then it hit me, we have a Early War one dayer coming up on the 13th December, I’m sure I can fit in some 19 model army in within the month…

A few hours of fun on Easy Army and I had my list. The list was simple as I didn’t want to add too much to what I had already picked up.IMG_0128

I started off painting the first platoon of Somuas, I based the colour scheme off two different pictures of Somuas I found on the internet. It scheme and unit makings might not be 100% historical accurate but I like the overall effect.

This project has given me a real boast after a little slow period for me with the hobby. If you have a unstarted project laying around in boxes or half built, why not see if someone else would be interested in them and maybe you could start a new project.IMG_0108

Next up for the project are the two platoons of Hotchkiss tanks, so keep a look out for more.

Thanks for looking