Oh Yes! Churchill’s In Late War

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I have been looking to expand on my British army I started with the Nachtjager painting challenge. So when my mum asked what I wanted for my 30th I asked for two boxes of PSC Churchill’s. 
I choose the Churchill’s as I have a soft spot for the slightly awkward looking tank and I wanted something that had a better front armour than 6/7, the normal for Western Front Allies. I went for PSC Churchill’s as I painted up a few of the Battlefront Churchill’s for my Welsh Open army a few years ago; and I had a few problems with the casting on the tracks, something that should be less of a problem with plastic kits.

Bar the turrets of the Mark III Churchill the models went together very well; the PSC kits have come a long way from the first T-34 kit. I built enough to make a company of Churchill’s if I wanted to try out the list (something I hope to do soon in a couple of AAR’s) and also made two AVRE’s for a Breaching Group I plan to do at some point soon.

My only problem with the kit (which is a problem I have with most PSC kits) is the crew. I ended up using left over crew from my Battlefront Sherman box sets, which with a little cutting fitted perfectly.

Overall I’m happy with how the Churchill’s turned out and with my choice of the PSC kit and I can highly recommend them to anyone looking to get some heavy armour for their British.

I’m looking forward to getting some games in with the Churchills as both a support option for my 51st Highland Division and as a full company. I have picked up some Battlefront Churchill Crocs to give myself a few more support options, plus being Front Armour 13 and with a range 6 inch flame thrower has some advantages. 

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