Nordic Forces preview Live Video Chat

With the embargo ending join Rich and Breakthrough Assaults own Ikea officanados as they discuss new all new TYWW3 release Nordic Forces.

On the vidcast Rich will be joined by veterans of the Finnish, Swedish and Danish armies, who are also gamers to have a forensic dig around in the new lists and see how they match up against reality, from those who have been there seen it and done it.

Friday 7th July from 1900 hrs (UK time)

The place:

5 thoughts on “Nordic Forces preview Live Video Chat

  1. The screen grabs for the Norwegian and Danish infantry show them using the French Eryx ATGM. So while the Norwegians use them the Danes do not. Now oddly the Canadians did but they don’t have them in the Free Nations book. So what about the French. Nope they don’t either.

    A rather annoying example of BF going with the flow rather than actual equipment. They should have been more savvy and included 3 Milan teams (oh bother they do sell them separately don’t they?)

    1. Have you noticed that NATO countries are getting a new book later this year… Might want to hold your horses before ranting more…

      1. I think your comment is pretty fair. I was grumbling about the Danes. However now I’ve see the video it looks like the Danes won’t have the Eryx but the CG. So I can live with this

        As a weapon the Eryx must have the most Viking name possible (Erics). Just thought I should throw that in

  2. Question for Hawkeye:
    Will you replace the BTRs on a 1:1 ratio? Or was MechInf with Patrias/Sisus organized diffently.
    After your coverage and talks I plan to support my future Swedish forces with some Finns…

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