No Tumbling Pots

Product Spotlight on Garfy’s Hobby Deck.

With everyone attacking the #HobbyPileOfShame I thought it might be nice to look at a product that has made my painting life a little easier and even more enjoyable – the Hobby Desk. 

Available on eBay, for just £9.99, this handy little 3D printed painting setup gives you a transportable palette, paint pot and brush holder and smartphone or tablet holder all rolled into one. I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely lost more than one pot of GW Agrax Earthshade to a nudge with the back of the hand so having something that holds those beefy pots safe and sound is extremely useful. 

The brush holder is magnetic so can be detached, if it is getting in the way – it also means if you catch it with your hand or arm you won’t pitch the whole shooting match over, and the tile pops out so you can clean it off after each session. 

Everything is well designed and goes together perfectly – I’ve been watching a bit of Suits while I’ve been basing up my Soviets – and it’s lightweight and compact so just sides into my hobby cupboard after I’m done.

So that’s it really, an excellent addition to your painting arsenal – Garfy has a range of painting accessories and gaming accessories available so go have a look. 

– Dunc

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