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Firstly Happy New Year to you all, may 2015 be a great year. Like we did in 2014 a new year means it’s time for new year resolutions! With all the new guys on the blog this year we decided to reduce the number resolutions a little. We all picked one resolution for ourselves, then got two from the group and had to come up with one blog focused resolution. In hindsight a few of last years resolutions were a little, well, weak, so if we felt any weren’t up to scratch then the group made it a little harder.

So lets see this years offering.

  •  Own Resolution – To complete and still own all my current projects to 1650pts Late War and 1550pts Early War. My current projects are Late War British Infantry & Tanks, Early War Japanese Infantry and Late War US Infantry, Tank Destroyers & Tanks.
  •  Blog Resolution – To write a series of articles on US Infantry, these will include The Best Way To Start US Infantry, US Infantry Tactica, A Look at all the Late War US Infantry Lists, US Infantry List Discussion, US Infantry Tournament AAR and finally 5 Late War US AAR, 3 with different US Infantry lists, 1 with a TD Company and 1 with a US Tank Company.
  •  Group Resolution One – To complete my Tale of 4 Gamers army, use it in a campaign of at least 5 games all of which must be AAR’d and to then use it in a tournament.
  •  Group Resolution Two – To not bail out more than 10 times from a game.
  •  Own Resolution – To not take Veteran Infantry at two day tournaments.
  •  Blog Resolution – Make write 6 step-by-step painting guides with one makings the Battlefront front page.
  •  Group Resolution One – To run two one day tournament or campaign or one two day tournament or campaign, by himself.
  •  Group Resolution Two – To win a tournament with at least 20 people taking part.
  •  Own Resolution – Use the Stuart in a tournament and do a tactica on them.
  •  Blog Resolution – To write a tactica on the Xylophone Rocket Launcher Battery
  •  Group Resolution One – To place in the top 3 of a tournament.
  •  Group Resolution Two – To win best sport and to get nominated for best painted again.
  •  Own Resolution – By Christmas Andy must have no unpainted FOW models.
  •  Blog Resolution – To do one of each type of each blog post, so one AAR, one review, one painting post, one tactica, etc.
  •  Group Resolution One – To take his US paras to a tournament.
  •  Group Resolution Two – To win a tournament game.
Jersey James
  •  Own Resolution – To collect, paint and finish non Italian, tournament sized armies that cover all four company types and at least four time periods and use them at events! 
  •  Blog Resolution – To do 6 non Tournament AAR’s
  •  Group Resolution One To do 15 blog posts over the year.
  •  Group Resolution Two – To be higher in the rankings than Matt, Marc and Fez by Reading Warfare 2015
  •  Own Resolution To get is painting pledge to 0, his current score is -986 (basically this means painting 2000 models!)
  •  Blog Resolution To make 6 Flames of War construction guides.
  •  Group Resolution One – To complete all tournament armies at least a week before the event.
  •  Group Resolution TwoTo be higher in the rankings than Matt, Marc and James by Reading Warfare 2015
  •  Own Resolution To play 100 games of FOW!
  •  Blog Resolution – To do a monthly post of Matt’s game tracker.
  •  Group Resolution OneTo complete a tactica on 21st Panzer in both MW and LW and to use them in more than one tournament each.
  •  Group Resolution Two – To be higher in the rankings than Fez, Marc and James by Reading Warfare 2015
  •  Own ResolutionTo paint five tanks with an airbrush using all the advanced techniques. 
  •  Blog ResolutionTo do 6 how to articles on the modeling and painting side of the hobby.
  •  Group Resolution One To finish in the top 20 of the rankings.
  •  Group Resolution Two – To be higher in the rankings than Matt, Fez and James by Reading Warfare 2015
Thanks for looking and happy New Year
The Breakthrough Assault Guys

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