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Facebook can be a wonderful thing and never more so than when you finda shiny new wargaming product that you immediately realise you can’tlive without. For me that moment was a couple of months ago when I saw a fantastic new range of urban FOW bases. Fate was even on my side as I had been debating how to base my new Eastern Front Pioneers for the upcoming ETC. Stalingrad it shall be….


These fantastic bases are made by Modelismo Flandes Exarca Lopez Valladares who trades via his Facebook page, so add him as a friend or send him a PM for details and ordering.


Each base is hand cast and strikingly detailed. While my photography skills don’t do them justice, take my word for the clarity of the definition. From each individual cobblestone to small pieces of rubble it is teeming with detail. Additionally each order comes with some lamp posts to add some further variety to the set. The bases are
available in all the normal FOW sizes allowing your whole army to be based.


Preparation of the bases was simple, they were literally washed the same way you would any resin and then painted. Yup no unsightly mould lines or flash to eliminate. In fact the casting is far better than the leading miniature makers. Most of the painting was done with an airbrush, with German Grey as a base coat followed by a light spray of German Uniform and then by a dusting of Sea Grey for highlights. The rubble was just flat brown with a dark tone wash and dry brush of 1:1 flat brown and white. The streets are khaki finished off with a dark
yellow filter. The plaster of the walls is a mix of green violet and yellow green. Honestly they were far easier than they look, I finished them all in an evening (granted the airbursh speeds them up).


Now these bases do have an aspect which is a bit of a double edged sword, namely the lack of recesses for the figures bases. On the 1 hand it makes attaching your figures very fiddly and a little fragile, however it also makes the whole base look amazing, with no gaps to fill or loss of texture under the model. Basically it makes the
miniature really feel part of the scene. I carefully cut under each foot with my normal, modelling clippers and then filed the boots of each model to create as much of a surface area as I could before attaching them with a fast setting super glue. Some poses are a little tricky, especially the guys with their feet together, you just don’t get the contact area. For these I was careful to create another point of contact such as them touching a wall or leaning over a window frame. You will need to be careful with the bases and its best to pick them up via the ruined walls but actually so far I’ve only had a few ‘casualties’ and those have been fine when I’ve reapplied them in a better spot. Of course you could pin each model down for extra support but for me life is too short and the glue seems to work fine (just don’t drop them!).


At 1 Euro for a medium base and 15 Euros shipping to the UK the bases are really good value when you compare them Kerr & King as well as Baueda.  From ordering to delivery in the UK was only a couple of weeks and the communication via Facebook was spot on.  Again if you fancy getting some search for Modelismo Flandes Exarca Lopez Valladare on Facebook and add him as a friend or send him a PM for details.


While this is the only set available at the moment he is planning a rural and town square set, I just hope they are done in time for my cheesy Citizen Soldier’s Army for the UK GT!

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