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Hello All

I have picked up a few new bits for my next few Projects. Firstly I’m looking to do a British Armoured Company (Irish Guards to start with, then 11st Armoured with Cromwells) as I have mostly done Infantry in FOW and I fancy running some armour. Also being British it seems fitting to have a British Army!

So far I have picked up JOE Vandeleur (because he’s Michael Caine!), some Universal Carriers (one of my friends was selling of some of his unneeded British bits) and I have 3 boxes of the New Plastic Soldier Company M4A4 Shermans/Firefly sets on order for as soon as they are released (hopefully soon!)

I also picked up the US 29th Infantry Assault Company box set as my LGS had a set and as far as I know it doesn’t exist anymore and I will be using it for my D-Day project and Normandy Gaming Board that I will be doing later in the year.

I really looking forward to doing both of these projects, I have pencilled in the British for the end of March/beginning of April as a side project for when my first lot of Hungarians are almost finished and I’m planning on having 15 Shermans, Joe and the Carriers done for the Allies in the Big Game I’m playing at the end of April.

The US will probably be a Summer Project as I’m planning on doing the board when the weather turns nicer.

Thanks For Reading Ben

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    1. It is a great film! I'm trying to talk my friend into having the Major General Roy Urquhart model leading his force for a similar reason to. And he could blag James Bond is leading his army!

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