Nam Demo Day at Entoyment

Good morning all, Jersey James here with a report on some ‘Nam demo games we ran in the UK

On the 24th of August, Entoyment Hobby Store in Parkstone on the South Coast of England ran a War-Games Demo Day with five games on show and I went along with my ‘Nam armies and some terrain and set up a battle!

I brought out my, as yet unplayed with, Brown Water Navy force, supported by SEALs and some artillery, patrol boats, C&C helicopter and a medevac helicopter. This was a nice compact force to patrol the Mekong Delta and root out the PAVN local forces Battalion I collected a few years back.

The PAVN had a lot of infantry, booby traps, and a Front Jet Rocket Company over the border in Laos, but the local forces were joined by a small company of Special Tasks sappers and a K1 Ironclad Company of five T34 tanks!


Over the day I played three cut down river patrol missions with visitors to the store, some of whom were regular Flames of War gamers, others who had tried World War Two games before but not any by Battlefront, and we had a lot of fun.

The dynamic of Free World elite forces against hoards of less well equipped soldiers showed the longer the games went on, the more it favoured the PAVN; with the US infantry easily able to secure the first few objectives, before attrition took its toll which would make taking the other objectives far harder. In return the PAVN could claim points back by destroying expensive vehicles and prolonging the attrition beyond the ability of the American commander’s force.

The Local Forces are playing for keeps not even letting a beached carrier unload easily!

As we said in our review of Nam, this is one of the big, exciting features of Nam that makes it very different to Battlefront’s other games with the same or similar rules. Mixing Nam in totally changes the way the games play out and each engagement even in isolated areas of the table can swing the result even if nowhere near the objectives, in a company that is not near it’s break point.

US army platoons battle with the Dak Cong for control of an objective hill
K1 Ironclads may be soft targets for LAW armed infantry but boats don’t like the T34/85 guns at all!
If only these dice had been better the local forces may have held out in game 1!
A later game, same objective, 20mm cannons and .50cals surround the enemy whilst two platoons are disgorged together… I’ve never seen a dug in infantry platoon evaporate so fast under direct fire!

I’m going to keep working on Nam forces over the next few months and plan to try running a small Nam event alongside Entoyment this year so watch out for that if you’re keen on Nam. It’s likely to be a one or two day themed tournament around the 75 point mark. We’ll keep you posted.

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