Nachtjager Tale of Four Gamers Month One – Andy

Talk about cutting it fine! I’ve enjoyed it but its been a bit pressured at the end.

The progress this month was slow but steady, mainly due to the infantry platoon. Work also threw a bit of a spanner in the works meaning for a week instead of sitting at my painting table I was in a cabin looking at this:

Not a bad view really but being on the Shetlands did hold up progress. So without further ado here is my progress for month one of our painting challenge.

Along with the US Para platoon which took up most of the time, there are 3 Stuart Jalopies, the AOP and a Sherman OP to go with the Sextons which are up next month. It doesn’t look much now I’ve pictured everything together but it was certainly enough for me! I’m still getting to grips with painting  British tanks but I’m fairly happy with the results. I need to get all my Open Fire Shermans painted to turn this into a Market Garden force too but that will have to wait for the time being.

These guys took me ages to paint, but I’m pretty happy with the end result now they’re done. I had a go at painting the US flag on the right arm of the commander but decided that it would be way too time consuming to do it all of them. Maybe I’ll track down some decals or make my own and try it that way. Speaking of decals the tanks and AOP are still missing their decals but this will probably happen at the end when I can do everything together.
A quick action shot!
So here is my small pick of goodies for next month. I also have the 25pdrs box set to use the command teams etc from. Hopefully I’ll be finished with a bit more time to spare next month!

So thats all for now from me but look out for Fez and Alex’s posts on their first months progress soon.


2 thoughts on “Nachtjager Tale of Four Gamers Month One – Andy

  1. I don't think the standard is anywhere near as high as yours though!

    Yeah, Ben got me the plastic rural base set. They're nicely details and a perfect match for the plastic infantry. However they're definitely not a quick way of basing. It took me ages filling the edges of each figure, trimming bases to match cart ruts on the bases etc. Overall though the final results are worth the extra time and effort, on this occassion at least anyway!

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