Nachtjager Tale of Four Gamers Month Two – Andy

Well, here we are with month two over. I’ll be honest its all been a bit of a whirlwind this month, what with buying my first house, finding out my work is closing the nearby factory and moving everything two hours away and potentially being made redundant and a fantastic weekend of gaming at the Breakthrough Assault III tournament! I actually won 2 games, drew 2 and lost 1. Not bad considering my only goal was to win a game.

In amongst all that I also found time for a bit of painting. Not as impressive as Ben’s conveyor belt of painted miniatures but I’m happy all the same.

If you’ve been paying attention you may have noticed there are no Bofors SP’s pictured. That because they’re still in a shameful pile of bits. I decided to focus on the Sexton platoon this time and just make sure I got them fully completed, that and I just didn’t fancy cleaning up and supergluing all those fiddly gun pieces! However even the Sextons haven’t completely been finished as my decals still haven’t arrived. Hopefully they’ll all just get done at the end but I have to admit that without them they’re definitely missing a bit of character.

I was having a bit of fun with my camera trying to get a bit lower down and closer to 15mm eye level. I quite like the way the Sexton and 15CWT lorry came out. I will have to try this more, especially once I get some scenery.

And finally an all together shot for the army. I think I’m quite a bit down on the supposed 1200pts by this point in the challenge but I have a lot of points tied up with those lovely Comets which are up next. While I’m waiting for them to be delivered I suppose I’d best get on with those fiddly Bofors Guns!

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check on Fez’s progress for this month.

Game on!


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    1. They're just the battlefront ones. I decided not to go with cheaper versions as I wanted to get the crew as well.

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