Nachtjager Tale of Four Gamers Month One – Ben

Hello all

Month one of the Tale of Four Gamers challenge is in the books and I don’t mean gloat but I knock this one out of the park! Not only did I finish this with three weeks left of the challenge, I also painted up 6 extra Shermans so I can use them as a tank company.

The Shermans are all the new plastics Battlefront have been recently release (which Adam reviewed here). They are really nice and so so so so much better than old Open Fire versions.

I painted them the same way I painted up a captured Humbar scout car I did for my Schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung 653 (I guess I accidentally did a test model). Basically after spraying them black I then did three thin coats of Vallejo Russian Uniform, dry brushed it Green Grey followed by my normal black lining and then after picking out details and adding decals I weathered it with Green Brown.

The Wasps and the Carriers were done the same way, in all I painted the lot in about 3 or four sittings.

Next month I have a much harder challenge, I have the bulk of the infantry with two infantry platoons, the heavy mortar platoon and 6 Ram Kangroos, if I remember I will try and cover how I paint the infantry at the same time.

Thanks for looking and until next time


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